Surprise Reunion of Vietnam Comrades

Good to hear a Happy Birthday also turns out to be great day and a memorable day for all the right reasons.

Here's to many more for all of you.

I doff my cap to you and wish you the most hearty of birthdays, Sir! Many more to come, we hope! Your wife looked like a thoughtful person when I met her, and her efforts to get two of your Vietnam comrades to come as a surprise for your birthday confirms it in my mind. Good comrades are the reason we did all of that hoohah business in the first place.

Salut from a broken down Injun and an Italian/American finagler who found the Philippines so nice he brought back a few Filipinas to the Big PX.
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Happy Birthday JJH. I met an old WO2 of mine a couple of weeks ago. Never seen for 32 years. Or yesterday. Phenomenal.


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A very Happy Birthday to you and your OH for being so really really nice.

It's quite amazing how years can roll away in such meetings.


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Reading that title, i had an image of you walking into a Vietnamese restaurant and recognising an ex-VC...

Happy Birthday
You're going to have to go some to match that for Mrs JJH's birthday.

Many happy returns.
Happy birthday Gyrene! Thanks for sharing the story.
Thanks to the considerable efforts of SWMBO, I had a wonderful surprise on my birthday today. She tracked down 2 members from my unit in my last Vietnam tour who I had not seen since they loaded me on a stretcher for medevac.

They each drove all the way from Kentucky and Tennessee to see me and I feel very honored and humbled.

In many ways it is as if our last seeing each other was yesterday---of course until you take a look at us old warhorses. I very much appreciate SWMBO' s kindness in pulling this together.
Happy returns. :D
so a LOT of catching up to do mixed with some painful memories of others we fought with who never made it home.
Happy Birthday. Enjoy the many tales over a few cold ones. Remember celebrate the lives of those who didn't make it, they will not grow old like you have and they will always be remebered as long as a few of you can get together now and then to tell the stories.
After a few beers, the tales always get better, bigger, longer, and more outrageous, but that's allowed!
of course until you take a look at us old warhorses.
Many stories and bullshit after action reports were discussed until the wee hours, no doubt. :mrgreen: ;):cool:

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That is some Birthday present! However you do realise you're screwed now, you now have to find something even better for her birthday now :omfg: Happy Birthday though.

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