Surprise fishing trip.

Jim's angling club had organised a great annual fishing holiday in Devon.
At the last meeting, on the Wednesday before the trip, Jim had to tell his mates that he wouldn't be going this year as, due to it being their first wedding anniversary, his missus had put her foot down and forbidden it.
After a lot of ribbing and a few more beers, he went home.
The following Sunday the club members, in a number of shared cars, arrived at their riverside hotel and found Jim, dressed in his fishing gear, already drinking at the bar. Amazed, they asked him how he'd wangled it, this being his anniversary.
Jim said. "I didn't have to wangle it, when I got home after the meeting the other night, I sat in my chair, with a beer, feeling pretty miserable. Suddenly, from behind me, the wife whispered, 'surprise.' I turned round and she stood there in a sheer see through negligee and said, 'carry me to the bedroom and tie me to the bed and you can do whatever you like.' I am!"
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