Surprise ?-ex-mil officers have hard time in Obama admin

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Whoah JJH...this is a well known syndrome. Senuior officers often find it difficult to adjust to an environment - like corporate life for example - where their rank is no longer more important than their performance. I think that this is not new news and neither is it evidence of a dastardly Democratic plot to drive talented ex-military figures, who surely have the answers, out.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Think on the bright side, they now at least have a boss who is able to communicate and articulate himself without looking like a brainless muppet every time he has a microphone.....must be a bonus not having to write memos without words more than two syllables too....
  3. Not suggesting that but it has been demonstrated at least in more recent history that the residents of the White House seem to have definitely differing attitudes and opinions about our military that correlate to the party represented.

    Also, as I am on record for saying, I do not have a great deal of respect for the vast majority of our politicians regardless of their party. In many respects they are cut from the same progressive cloth--do anything to gain and retain power, spend our money like drunk Norwegian sailors--nay like drunk Brit soldiers--, govern with the arrogance of elitism and ignore the clear limitations of our Consitution when it suits their own selfish and political ends.
  4. Can't quibble with that description save to say, Norwegians in general drink rather more aggressively shall I say than even British artillery officers. It is true trust me.

  5. How well I remember from chilly "Viking Mess Nights" in the frozen wastes of Trondheim drinking massive quantities of Aquavit back in the day when the USMC had the NATO northern flank contingency mission. :D
  6. Despite your fantastical image of Obama he is nothing but an ignorant grievance pimp who would be completely lost in space without a teleprompter and his leftist advisors.
  7. I continue to watch with amazement and not a little humo(u)or at the inevitable (and seemingly never-ending) slagging that Dubya gets both here and abroad but the blindness to the continuing gaffs of the Leader of the World and Nobel Laureate is breathtaking to behold. At least if one takes the time to actually review the facts, one would see (subject of course to that pernicious blindness) that at least the former, with all his faults, had his heart in the right place for the military (in particular and our national defense in general) whereas our current master does not.

    Watching the fawning over Him (did I mention He is a Nobel Laureate?) makes me better understand the mass hysteria of the followers of Jim Jones and his ill-fated Guyana experiment. If only He was in some far off place like Guyana where He could not do the kind of damage He is now....
  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Genuine question, born of real interest: such as?
  9. Oh my-where to begin. Well for starters (I need to go work out) I will just cite a few:

    1. Continuing to spend money we do not have to the point our deficit is larger than it has ever been and that less than 2 years into His presidency.

    2. Continuing his MO of apologiz(s)ing both at home and abroad for not only what the US does but what it is and what it has stood for.

    3. Pushing through an ill-conceived "health care" package that in reality is intended to "transform" America from a Constitution-based country grounded in the principle of private ownership of property and capitalism that historically has created the economy that has done so much for America and the world to a socialist model where mediocrity is the lowest common denominator.

    4. Surrounding himself with "tsars," advisors, supporters, backers and puppeteers whose default position is to hate America and its values, history, institutions and traditions.

    5. Lying to the American people on numerous occasions (transparency of His government, ending the political machine in Washington etc. etc.)

    Time to go to the gym.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Ah. Thanks.

    All bar point 3, it has a very familiar feel to it... unfortunately.