Surplus Techs......nothing new then!

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Just read an interesting paper on how we have 189 surplus Tech Elect CEG......won't go into it to much but transferring to other jobs is the big push. However the first paragraph uses the following word 'Corps must take further action; which could in time mean directed transfer, or be forced to take compensatory reductions'......who in there right mind would think about transferring if there is a possibility of a financial redundancy package on the table esp Class 1 Techs who could easily move into something similar in Civvie street!
  2. Because more than likely they will just receive the magic brown letter. Your services are no longer required and perhaps because some people enjoy being in the army and want to stay.
  3. Retrade? The most obvious thing to do would be to push them over to the avionic tech side to fill the very real deficit there. Except of course all the tech elec's are already failed greenies cos they couldn't hack the pace at SEAE during phase 2.
  4. Retrade to Ammo Tech. Sgts and below.

    Problem solved.
  5. Funny that Dingerr, I was having just that conversation with someone today. I wondered what I would do if the clock was wound back 15 years and perhaps Ammo Tech would be my option. The other thought was trying to become a pilot but obviously thats much saught after and pretty hard to do.
    3 years ago I tried to make the powers that be aware that Tech weren't being employed at first line as the CR2 & AS90 weren't deploying. Its really come to bite us on the bum now.
    I think we should get away with the Avionics/Land System divide. After all they are just trade courses & as such we shouldn't be so prissy and protective towards the light blue persuasion. I realise that to become an avionics tech you would require a longer than normal trade course but then we could just make the tour longer so that the field force gets its value for money. Im sure guys with children of a certain school age would welcome 5 years in one place.
  6. The rumours of the redundancy have been rife at work this week. Personally, as a CL1 Tech Elec Sgt of 15 years' service, I'd take voluntary redundancy if a decent financial package was offered (Some of the figures being banded around seem a tad optimistic TBH). I think the reality will more than likely take the form of what Sparky said in his post.

    It'll be interesting to see what solution they come up with, in the meantime I'll keep my fingers crossed for a generous redundancy package!
  7. :) Good try for a counter bite Sparky we I don't believe you could have reached the exalted position you are in now if you thought things were that simple (or maybe you could?).

    Having said that I know a couple of rapier techs who in the '90's had the opportunity to go tiff if they moved over to the aviation side of life. They both did very well one made ASM the other LE who I believe is still serving. That however would not be the same as letting 50 disgruntled 'leccy techs loose on an airframe after having just done 3 years changing wiggly amps on medical and dental equipment.
  8. Who in their right mind is gonna take up the Av option???

    I've spent abut half of my "career" at Arbo already !! You'd probably be there on Av courses until the move to Wales, But.

    Sod that Smurf hat too, i'd rather wear a twat cap.

    I'm quite (very) comfortable in my Med n Dent bubble, tucked away from the real REME. HaHa.
  9. BREW-TASTIC !! and young boys ;)
  10. Wonder who will be safe from the cull - would an SJAR reccommendation be enough?
    Why aren't we being offered alternate REME trades? - With 9 years to go, I'd quite like to finish my career in REME.
    Would it not make more sense to slow down the promotion of Tech Cpls?
  11. Ok I'll take the bait

    Failed Avionics techs my arrse, there was and I believe still is no difference between the electronics trades other then Equipment Courses, all are electronics techs doing the same basic electronics course who then go on to specialise simple as that.

    I wish I had a quid for every bugger that wears a powder puff beret in the corps that thinks there better than the rest of the SAME TRADE GROUP I'd be bloody rich by now

    rant off
  12. Zippy you've let us down by biting there pal! I actually thought that nmr had perfectly illustrated my point on how precious the light blue were without even realising it!
  13. Firstly, Zippy - Don't take the bait! [Effeminate lisp] Your ith withard hath been thmited by hith burning thord of juthtith![/Effeminate lisp] NMR will be laughing into his Bacardi and Coke over that one as he rolls his twenty-sided dice.

    I think it might get a bit more complicated than 'a little longer' trade course, especially looking at Class 1s. Not sure of the legalities regarding stuff falling out of the air but: Would they have to attend the Tech Av basic trade course followed by a period in the field force prior to returning for the Av specific element of Upgrading? If that's the case, how many Sgt Tech Elects would be willing to subordinate themselves to a class one full screw at Watisham? Fine if you keep the pay and rank but what will SDSR bring? And it still doesn't address the immediate shortage of Class 1s.

    I think the trade needs to evolve to actively take on the lost role of VE that hasn't been picked up by either the VMs or Tech Elect yet. A cull risks repeating the mistakes of Options for Change. Anyone holding out for that gold plated redundancy package needs to take a look at what's going on with civil servants to realise it's not going to happen. Answer - The infantry has a load of spare PIDs due to all the guys returning non-deployable. Go and help 'thicken' the infantry or hand in your kit.

    Until the SDSR is published I'm taking the 'glass half-empty' approach. And it's raining outside. We're all doomed.
  14. One option to consider if it is your intention is to hang out for a redunacy package is the path that can be taken within the Army Recovery Capability!

    Using Soldiers W statement, "The infantry has a load of spare PIDs due to all the guys returning non-deployable. Go and help 'thicken' the infantry or hand in your kit." as just one option.

    You are an ElectronicS Technican that has been identified as surplus to requiremnts, the Army offer you a job in another PID, yes it may be one that you do not want. You turn it down and then you are offered your brown letter. You will not get redunancy, your pension will be affedted and you loose access to some benefits in civvy street because YOU made yourself unemployed, remember the Army offered you another job. Food for thought..........
  15. ITR, you're bang on the nail's head. Bear in mind however, you will only be offered another employment if medically up to it. The Directory of Vacant Posts (available on MS Web and detailing those transfers/trades available by Corps) is pretty thin at the moment for non-MFD soldiers; all trades highlight the minimum deployability to retrade. If you're MND/MLD, you're unlikely to fulfil their criteria. I think in many cases, REME will find justification in keeping our tradesmen, I'd bank the majority of them are experienced, already class 1 and as such pretty essential.