Surplus Stores and Rat Packs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cow741, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone else tried to locate any rat packs from surplus stores lately?

    They are a bit like hens teeth at the moment, noone seems to be able to get any.

    Some are even saying that MOD is cracking down on the sale of them too.

    Anyone know of any sources in West Yorkshire?

  2. No idea
    Presumably you are a bored bod at the MOD looking to see if you've missed out any surplus stores in your quest to put an end to rat packs being sold off on the quiet?
  3. ha i wish!

    Just been hunting around desperately for some for a festival trip next weekend.

    New to TA and found this forum its brilliant!
  4. I have been told that the new ration packs are starred items. Surely that can't be true?
  5. excuse the n00b moment, but what do you mean by starred?
  6. I think your best bet is Fleabay mate.

    There has been a huge clamp down in Rats being sold on the net and as surplus. F**K knows why. (If anyone does know, that would be cool) Or spend an arm and a leg at an outdoor store. Wayfayrer/ westlefoods are the company that makes them as far as I know.

    Hope this is a little help
  7. When you get stuff from the stores that's expensive or hard to come by it's classed as a starred item i.e: a G10 watch.
  8. cheers fellas.

    Ive had a look on fleabay and they seem to be selling them for around the tenner mark at the cheapest (i used to get them from surplus for 5 or 6 quid) and i think thats just too much.

    In the meantime ill keep hunting!
  9. I found out recently that the reason the mod dont like surplus shops selling them, its because the chocolate, yorkie I believe, is substandard and actually a waste product of Black Magic chocolates. Since Black Magic haven't been sold for a number of years the waste product that was stored in huge vats in York is now running low. This is why at the end of an exercise the DS and QM will ask for all part used ration packs to be returned. The choccy can only be safely eaten by squaddies and in certain conditions by cadets, this is due to the tolerance the body builds up by being exposed to Hexy fumes. Hence the health warning "Not for Civvys"
  10. some of my mates do laugh at me for bringin that stuff out but then they arent laughing when i get hotpot out at 1am and they're fannying around with noodles trying to curb the munchies.

    Plus you cant make grub and a brew at the same time with noodles!
  11. i concur wholeheartedly.

    And the only drugs will be obscene quantities of lager followed by enough paracetamol the next day to kill a horse

    edit: or a cow (boom boom)
  12. That'll be your liver fcuked then :roll: .For compo type scoff try stores like B&M or Home bargains,they're awash with the stuff. :wink: Have a good fezzy.
  13. what/where are B&M and Home Bargains? Havent found those yet

    and fortunately livers regenerate, ill leave it a couple months before i give it another good kicking lol
  14. Aren't they clamping down on surplus packs because they are s'posed to be marketing them under an MOD banner?

    Sure I heard that anyway.