Surplus Sales - Insanity ?


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Welcome to the modern world and the Defence Industrial Strategy!

Please don't ask Defence Sales for a justification for this one - I'm sure one exists in their heads but it will not make sense to the rest of us.
More importantly, would you buy anything from a supplier that claims a lifetime mileage of "low" for a 432?
The days of having rows of spare vehicles parked up at Catterick and Donnington 'just in case' are long gone. Unfortunately the Army was dragged kicking and screaming into the same twaddle that the RAF and RN have been subject to since the early 80's, namely 'just in time' logistics, which unfortunately normally means 'just out of time' due to having to deal with civil companies who measure lead times in months not days.

'Unused' vehicles were easy prey for the bean counters and the answer to "why have all these vehicles being serviced and kept on charge if we don't use them" obviously wasn't good enough.
whats more, the treasury clever bills us an annual charge for everything we hold. So we have no option to get rid of anything surplus to immediate requirements or we end up paying for it twice over.
Yup. it's all down to the bean counters. To be honest there's a lot of money sat around doing nothing. I'd rather get some decent body armour than have to pay to service a couple of Sabre's that have been sat in Depot for the last 20 years.


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Crazy_Legs said:
A Sabre for £7,500? I'll take 2! :D
Just imagine if a Regt bought a couple out of PRI funds. Would this:

a. Embaress the MoD so much that they got all this b*llocks squared away rather than pandering to civvy firms?

b. Give the Treasury a super idea on how to cut defence funds even more?


A lot of the stuff is random, quite a bit is surplus prior to delivery, the MOD cancels or decrees an order filled and the supplier then ditches of the stock it had built up with a view to flogging on later.
I worked at a defence contractor as suppliers QC engineer, not on a military contract though. I used to be given lots of thingswhen I checked our stock. The wharehouse was run by an ex queensman I used to take on range days and he knew I stalked. The kit was lying around in all sorts of places and no one knew what it was or why it was there!
Keyboardwarrior said:
whats more, the treasury clever bills us an annual charge for everything we hold. So we have no option to get rid of anything surplus to immediate requirements or we end up paying for it twice over.
Does that extend to clothing?

Looking around field textiles (Wholesale distributor of most of the Forces and Police surplus clothing) and they had many items still in there original wrappers, therefore unissued, and now going surplus for peanuts!

Example : New, unissued, still wrapped S95 fleece. £3 approx


Surplus is just that, sat on the shelfs at ord depots, stuff thats recovered from troops dekitting, exchanges etc has to be sold as cotton waste. I have had some real bargains searching that lot!
Manufacturers make excessive amounts of clothing i.e. The MOD orders 200,000 shirts the makers will produce 250,000 in case the MOD changes the order. They're onto a winner as they know there is a big market out there.

So a lot of surplus isn't military surplus but civvy surplus..... 8O


BLU-97 said:
What saddo is going to pay 1240 quid for a Mk 5 assualt boat??
I wouldnt have paid £120 when they were new!
Thanks to WFM (Whole Fleet Management), a lot of units are currently ditching or preparing to ditch much of the claggage cluttering up their vehicle park (leaving them with a small trg fleet which the MT & LAD have a hope of looking after) At the same time (thank f*ck) a shed load of the really ropey kit is being cast (8 Ton Bedfords, 3/4 & 1 3/4 Ton trailers etc) and then put up for sale to civdiv ), rather than spending aeons getting obsolescent kit up to scratch to store away prior to its inevtiable sale at a later date.

At the same time there's several PFI contracts been signed, most notably the one for Plant kit where civ companies agree to provide all the kit we need for an exhorbitent fee. So they're buying up shedloads of our old kit, but not the really ropey stuff. Some of this is now being sold off , as I believe is some of the excess that the PFI guys have decided they don't need to fulfil the contract.

WFM is very contentious, but it is here to stay. IMHO, short of an all-out war of 39-45 scale, we will never be able to afford to do anything else, so get used to it.
You would be suprised at the amount of strange people who go there, I had some bloke showing me a video on his phone, it was a little blurred so he explained with pride in his voice that it was him driving his 432, made my excuses and ran
Volvo Cranes, delivered from manufacturer to disposal agency! The army paid shed loads for them, sold them cheap, by mistake and had to buy them back for a mich higher sum.

Winproof smocks, sold new, to a Dutch disposal agency for a pound each! for sale to shops at 30 pounds each and on to soldiers for close to 80 pounds each.


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