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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stacy, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Is it a rumour or a fact??

    I am due posting and one of my choices which i will almost definately get is 14 Signal regiment. I have been told by a reliable source that i can get a surplus quarter. If anyone can confirm this would it be better to apply for one before i arrive at the unit? Anyway whats the unit and the local area like?

  2. On your first night there get impregnated by a number of willing singlies. Bingo - instant quarter!!

    Whats wrong with the block anyway? Do you smell?
  3. excuse me crimp i asked a very sensible question there, so if you do not have the correct answer why waste your own time. And besides that why would i want to live in the block with CREEPS like you anyway???

    But thanks for your time
  4. mmmmm it is those Creeps that are apart of your team - if you don't want to be with them then get out :oops:

  5. [​IMG]


    Youre going to be a funking bunch of fun to work with arent you love!

    FFS :x
  6. Unlucky labrat. Hurhur. :D
  7. good answer
  9. luckily I'm ex sigs, but I really really feel for the poor bastards who are going to end up working with this one!

    Ten quid we see someone either in a tribunal or the sun complaining about "my life of hell being bullied in the army" within two years...

    you know the stuff -

    "they gave me a nickname"
    "my corporal shouted at me"
    "I could never do anything right"
    "they gave me menial tasks like putting up tents and making the tea, and made me guard the perimiter at night when they knew I was afraid of the dark"
    and the classic "the boys got drunk and dropped their pants in front of me, I was shocked and disgusted"
  10. How can there be surplus quarters when they are full of pads and same sex civil partnerships?
    Normally you get quarters that are spare filled with a number of singleies. This happened in Paderborne when a well known slapper was put in a two bed flat. As you can imagine the wives were not exactly over the moon!
    Husband to wife after an afternoon in the Squadron bar:
    Husband: X got her tits out in the bar again this afternoon
    Wife: Great
    Husband: She really is like one of the blokes
    Wife: Thats great
    Husband: By the way she's moving into the empty flat above us next week

  11. A lot depends upon your age and rank etc. More info needed mate.
  12. OMG,

    Is there any chance of getting a half decent answer to my original question?

    'supertramp' thanks for the enquiry, I am a senior NCO, age mid twenties and not looking to live with some of the creeps that live in the block and post stupid remarks on this site.

    HELPFULL replies welcome.

  13. Thought Seniors lived in the mess, not the block. :?
  14. How can a SNCO be asking this question?
    I thought you were a right sprog, maybe you are!
    Heaven forbid you get the chance to look after other squaddies!!!!

  15. Correctamundo, good buddy.

    Stacy, unfortunately you sound awfully like a total basic training airhead with all that 'txt spk' (e.g. OMG). Surely you know someone at 14 Sigs. Perhaps you could contact the Welfare WO there and ask his advice.

    Surely you're not so naive that you don't know that single WOs/SNCOs live in the Sgts Mess - it's one of the building blocks of military culture. If you want to single (no pun intended) yourself out as a special case then be it on your own head, but we're all about team work in this Army. Get in the mess, get some evil alcohol down your neck and do a bit of team bonding (but not so much that you end up getting a single parent quarter).

    The area is beautiful but extremely isolated unless you're from South West Wales. A bit like 'Deliverance' but with no vowels in the placenames. The unit is OK, full of lots of very strange people from DISI trades and misc others, like the LEWT, who cut around like they're Para Regt. It's a great area for fitness, Pembrokeshire coastal path just outside camp, a huge airfield, decent assault course, decent gym, not too far from the Black Mountain and the Preseli Hills.