Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by watchdog91, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Why do the MOD sell surplus married quarters to big companies like Annington and like, I remember back in the 80's surplus quarters were sold directly to service personnel first, I have been trying to find the right house since july last year and its a the area i am currently working in there are houses that were surplus, sold off to Annington for next to nothing, who then come along, paint the front door, cut the grass and sell them off to anyone for a profit.
    I am lead to believe that the Annington contract is up for review, why cant we go back to the 80's scheme, and look after servicemen housing needs first.

    my other winge was that because I have served abroad for over 15 years, it was a nightmare to get credit scored for a morgage, I thought that BFPO address could be credit scored. oh no !!, thanks to prevous occupants of your MSQ, your address could be black listed etc, and some not all of the morgage companies do not reconise BFPO addresses.

    is there anyone else out there who has had smiliar probelms, or feels the same as me.

  2. There's no such thing as a credit blacklist. That's an urban legend.

    If you contact or and apply to get your credit record, you can then see if there are any mistakes on your record that needs rectifying.

    I do agree fully with you though about housing....
  3. The MOD do not sell surplus housing to Annington as you describe. They entered into a PFI/management contract (giving away a 100 year lease) for all MQ (less overseas) that had a clause allowing Annington to dispose of surplus (or another word would be valuable) quarters.
  4. YES, Thanks for that, but why did the MOD stop selling houses directly to Servicemen and Women, I remember it was a bit of a lottery, but there was still a chance of getting a house, at least you didnt compete against the rest of the uk.

    There was talk of the Forces being classed a Key Workers, with all the discounts and help the Police, Nurses get, but that seemed to have disappared too, what going to happen in the future with the contunuing draw down in germany, more servicemen will looking for their own houses and with housing prices going up, searching for a house is going to get harder and more expensive.

    I am sure if they thought about it and helped servicemen buy their own house, it would assist the those who are on waiting list for MSQ's and with the "Super Garrisons" opition give Servicemen a choice. MSQ's or their own Home.

    I know what a would prefer.

    Cheers Watchdog

    "Still Havent found a house" :batman:
  5. Watchdog. Stop moaning, put some of your beer money aside and buy a house like every bugger else has to.
  6. i had no problem last year when i went for a mortgage & that was even having never been in debt which appartently is a bad thing when you go for a mortgage.

    like the man said less beer more saving.
  7. for a morgage deal for the forces try as they do a shared equity scheme. the web site has more details and they are friendly to talk to as well.

    i have no idea what they are like once you have the house, but a friend is going through the scheme and is well impressed with them so far.
  8. Watchdog, re-read Hellfyyr's comment. They stopped because they gave all of the quarters to Annington. They are not the MODs to sell. In return Annington (with/through DHE) are responsible for upkeep etc of the houses and estates, thus hopefully saving the MOD money (or at least that was the plan...). Any quarters that are not of use (in the opinion of Annington), are fair game to be sold on for a profit by Annington (a commercial company). I must make it clear that I do NOT agree with this, and think we are storing up trouble for when all those guys come back from Germany etc and there are no houses, but that is (unfortunately) the position.
  9. Just to make matters even cheekier, part of the contract with Annington gave them a quota of houses they could sell each year. That is why they spend a lot of energy finding which MQs are not completely full then renovating the ones they are going to sell.

    Shame they do not focus on looking after the ones they are NOT selling.

  10. Annington do not decide which MQ's are being sold off. This decision is taken by DE / DHE with discussion with the relevant unit.

    Annington Homes bought most of the MQ in England and Wales for a average price of £35k. There projections estimated it would take approx 15 years before they started to make a profit. This was way off the mark as they where in profit within a few years.

    There is also a profit share clause in the contract where the MOD gets some share of profit back, that is after paying dilapidations to Annington.

    The MOD have a 99 year lease and the MOD pays rent to them to use the MQS. This rent is reviewed on a regular basis.

    The sale of MQS is known as sale and lease back. It generates larges amount of cash quite easily, this cash was supposed to have been spent on upgrading the remaining 'core' MQ. I guess some one forgot this lol.
  11. I remember from the time of the sale to Annington that 100 million was put aside for MQ upgrade. That amount of cash didnt even make a dent in the required work and rebuilding that was needed and basically helped the MOD catch up on outstanding repair work and getting some of the oldest quarters into the central heating age.