Surplus IT Kit for transfer

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Baldrick66, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Gents

    OK caught your attention.

    Following a meeting I attended yesterday, I have been given details of a number of Dell D600 laptops that are available on the basis of a transfer of asset between units. They are all less than three years old and run 1.8 Pentium M chipsets, 512 ram, 40 GB Hard drives with an XP SP2 Licence and recovery disk There are no wireless cards included in them. These are available as a TRANSFER OF ASSET ONLY between units (Tri service Reg or Reserve) and the bidding unit is responsible for collection and all additional software licences, support etc once they have been taken onto account.

    Please PM me for further details.
  2. Gents

    Had a few PM's so far. This is no windup or a WAH. Just an alternative way of of advertising surplus IT, that has been replaced with (F) and may be of use to some units as stand alone machines.
  3. How about me as an ACF instructor bidding for one? I have no UIN to quote, (my RHQ RQMS might) but would undertake to place it on the detachments inventory, so it becomes property of my ACF sector?
  4. Walt

    Haven't a clue where the ACF would stand mate. But as they say.......'I'll check for an answer and get back to you'

    One? You might have to put a zero after that to make it worth while collecting them :)
  5. Dont forget the current MoD wide ban on removing non-encrypted laptops from any MoD site. I too am after a non-F laptop and was told by my IT guru today that although they have a number spare, it may take them several months to get the encryption keys and software as well as the authority to install said sotware. They may have to be sent away for encryption which would obviously take even longer. Frustration abounds.
  6. Just to answer a couple of recurring questions. The kit is question is for an ASSET TRANSFER between units, nothing underhand, moody or back of a four tonner. Once you (or the RQMS, CQMS etc) signs for the kit it is YOUR units responsibilty to support it, provide software licence's etc and is for use as stand alone equipment is accordance with the required JSP's and DIN's.
  7. Not quite correct, I'll think you'll find it's 'laptops without full disk encryption' is the phrase, and movement and restrictions are not really for an open forum. You are dead right on the time frames for software though. Although they shouldn't need to be sent away if you've got your own CIS guys.
  8. thanks Baldrick. Listening out. I could probably convince the RQMS to sign for 10 or more, but the cnut will probably just want to put them into stores and 'store' them.
  9. Walt

    Sorry mate

    Current answer to the ACF is No, as for IT purposes it is a civilian organisation affiliated to the MOD.
  10. Not even when a UIN can be quoted and the bod who signs has an Army number?
  11. Harry

    Asked the question, security gave the answer. Tri service, reg or reserve units only.
  12. All you have to do is check the back seat of motors parked up in whitehall, sure there will be a bargain of a laptop there... lol.
  13. Fairy snuff. Thanks anyway.
  14. Bump

    First lot of kit signed for and collected, plenty more items of kit available.
  15. Thanks for trying for me.