Surplus ammunition accuracy testing

Last week I got handed 20 rounds of the T head stamped RUAG NATO 5.56mm ammunition.

I would like to do a comparative test with this stuff against RG L2A2, and anything else that may be floating around.

If anybody has a suitable, i.e. heavy barrelled, .223, would they mind shooting a 10 round group at 100 m and posting it on here for comparison?

I will either get my RUAG group done tonight, or it will be next week.
Okay, the results: unimpressive, but adequate. Bear in mind that this rifle does sub-half-minute-of-angle with 69 grain Sierra Match Kings.

Top left is RUAG, exactly what it says on the tin.
Top right is 75gn PRVI HPBT factory match. Given that this rifle has a 1:9 barrel, it would probably shoot a little better out of a 1:7 or 1:8.
Bottom left is 62gn PRVI FMJBT factory , PRVI's civilian "NATO" fodder. the best of the lot.
Bottom right is the gash that I load for practical rifle matches (absolute carp Winchester 55gn FMJBT with nasty bases, and thrown charge of 25gn Vectan SP7 in random cases). Well, if the most you have to hit his A4-sized AT 100 M, it doesn't need to be match ammunition!



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The guy on this website ( has done a fair amount of comparison between the various different sorts of surplus ammunition.

Ok, it's US-based, but there should be some commonality between our stuff nad the sort he has access to.

By the way, what rifle did you use for the groupings? AR or something more sporting?
Remington 700 police topped with a Meopta 4-16 mil-dot scope.
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