Surname issue

I will try to explain this issue as best I can, but it could be fairly confusing.

Basically I have used the Surname West for the last 15 years or so (mother got married to my step dad, we took the name) and that the name I want to use, however there may be an issue from the Armys POV.

I was born with the name Bennett (Fathers name) and my mum then changed it to her maiden name. I have all the paperwork for that change, but no paperwork for my name change to West.

The way my mother tells it, I was on her passport as a child and when it was time to get one of my own she just asked them to have the name West on it.

Now the drama is, last time I was in the recruitment office I had my birth certificate and change of name from (so that’s two names) and then my passport with my current Surname (that’s three surnames).
The Sergeant in the office said that unless I can provide a change of name form for my current Surname (that’s on my passport) the Army will just use the name on my birth certificate!! This is something I do not want!

Is this an iron clad rule? I really don’t want to use my previous surnames for personal reasons (both families are full of mongs)
Also is all of this going to cause issues with my security vetting? Especially as I am looking into the Intel Corps as well as others.
This should be relatively easy. You can formally renounce the use of your old name and take up the new one bt deed poll.

This happend to me. It is not a big issue.
Mate of mine had a similar situation, only it wasn't picked up till he went for security vetting for a particular role he applied for. It caused massive dramas at the time all because he hadn't gone and filled out a silly little form and coughed up some cash (about £30 at the time I think, dunno what it is now)

I believe its simple, easy and quick to do and if done now it'll save any hassles later.
We had a guy in a similar situation, he joined using his known name but didn't have the right docs to prove it, in the end about 6 months in the unit this fact caught up with him and his name was changed to his birth certificate name, he was fuming as his dad was an arrsehole and he had nothing to do with him and hated to be known under that name.

My wife had the same issue, but this wasn't with the army mind, she got around it by getting a solicitor's letter stating that she was known and has been known for an extended period of time by her step dads name not her mother maiden name (her mum married her step dad when she was about 10) The letter obviously will cost you.

I would like to say speak to your ACIO but unfortunately they seem to be toss if the question is out of the ordinary.
I know how to change my name, what I was more worried about was if it would effect my application, especially the security checks.
Depends on what you changed it from/to.

I think a change from Abdulsheepshaggerbinladen to PonsbySmythe might make them look a bit harder at you.

Of course a change from Smifff to FTA-ACAB might also cause problems.

If you have changed your name legally and have all the paperwork to prove it then you should have no problems.

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