Surgical Spirits + feet

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jack06, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. hi guys
    read on a a post or two on here tht using surgical spirits is a definite no no. I am yet to do my 2 day physical assessment+medical, but thought I would prepare for the marching etc in basic training. Why is it, that I shouldn't use surgical spirits to toughen the skin on my feet? Also is there another way to toughen the skin to prevent blisters, apart from using different socks etc
    thanks in advance
  2. Jack,

    All people's are different and therefore react in different ways. One way of toughing up your feet now is to stop wearing trainers the whole time and get used to wearing leather shoes. It's a start but it may be the only thing you need.
  3. hi
    thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, a couple of people have said that getting used to running in boots would be a good idea, the main problem being that i'm low on money, I go to the gym every second day at the moment and don't have any real disposable income to buy a set of boots (especially as you get a pair in the army?).
  4. No, I didn't mean go out and buy a set of boots specifically. Just get used to wearing decent shoes. A lot of the problems that people get in basic training is solely down to the fact that before they joined up all they wore was trainers. By wearing shoes, your feet will toughen themselves up and you will reduce the risk of injuring them in basic training.
  5. ahhh ok, yer I do wear business type shoes i.e suit shoes They do feela lot different to trainers, I was more concerned about the long marches and getting blisters as they are paralysing, I mean is there any bad in using surgical spirits?
  6. It depends. Surgical Spirits or even meths will harden the feet up ok but you may finish up with surface cracks on the skin and to be honest I've never really found much of a benefit.

    Best thing to do is tough it out.
  7. hi gdav
    fair enough, ill leave it be.
    thanks again to both of you
  8. Sorry, GDav, surgical spirits will not harden your feet, so let's get that out of the way for a start. Surgical spirits is alcohol, with an affinty for water, so all it does is dry out the skin and make it more prone to cracking. It won't thicken the skin.

    The best thing by far is to get a pair of regular army daisies (even if it's a second-hand pair from the local Army Surplus store), have a good shank around in them and ascertain which areas of the feet are liable to blister. Then you can either apply teflon plasters, silk adhesive tape or even ZO tape.

    "Hardening" the feet means thickening the skin so that the heat from the friction of foot movement (the cause of blisters) is more effectively dissipated. Walking around on coconut carpeting is one very good method, as is walking on gravel. It's surprising how quickly your plates adapt and really do grow thicker skin.

  9. hi bugsy
    thanks for that
  10. Did I tell the guy to tough it out or did I tell him that surgical spirits would crack his feet?

    Perhaps my style is a little more gentle?
  11. There are many ways of toughening up your feet.

    1. Try walking barefoot on a sandy/ gravel beach for a while that will harden them up very quickly and strengthen them.
    2. failing that if you live nowhere near the sea try wearing shoes/boots and stay off the soft trainers.
    3. The feet and ankles are more likely to harden up and also get ready for stress of marches etc if you walk around the house barefooted. This is how our cavemen ancesters lived and is the natural way to strengthen the feet.

    try not to stand on any used durex, kids toys or doggy doodoo while barefooted as this would be painful and embarrassing

    good luck geezer
  12. Once knew a lad who religiously S-S'd the soles of his feet till they were rock-hard (bone-dry). The problem was, on exercise he developed blisters between his hard, dried out (and pretty much dead) soles and the rest of his foot..........a tea-towel wrapped wooden spoon in the gob and some T_B injected into his foot later and he was questioning the benefits of surjical spirits.

    In agreement with others here, conditioning, NOT hardening is the way forward.....there are no shortcuts.

    Enjoy the blisters ;-)