Surgical Experiences in South Africa 1899 -1900

And not one reference to Tropper, good link,looks good reading.
Struck by the number of wounded who were hit and then 'retired 1000 yards to the dressing station unaided', followed by 3 days on a bullock wagon etc etc.

Cheers for even reading it, my gutenberg posts are usually ignored. I particularly liked this. Is liked the right word?

(82) Wounded at Rooipoort. Entry (Mauser), through the lower lip; the bullet struck the base of the right lateral incisor and canine teeth, knocked out a wedge, and becoming slightly deflected, cut a vertical groove to the base of the mandible; exit, in left submaxillary triangle. The bullet subsequently re-entered the chest wall just below the clavicle, and escaped at the anterior axillary fold. The appearance of these second wounds suggested only slight setting up of the bullet; the original impact was no doubt of an oblique or lateral character.
Yeah, I think 'like' is probably the wrong word!

The poor Highlander who died when his gold tooth plate was blown down his throat deserves a mention, as does the high incidence of 'long track' head to toe wounds suffered by being struck whilst prone.

I've been to Spioen Kop - sends shivers down your spine.
Thank you for sharing this site. It has a great deal of interesting information regarding the terminal terminal ballistics of the day.
Cheers for appreciating it, Im glad I shared it, when you see the stats and how many thousands died in various campaigns, when I first started reading and looking at the pics, I immediately thought this will go down well with the RAMC crew, detailed info on the tools list, improvised field stretcher, even the railway hospital wagon with two bunk beds to an aisle, probably getting 12 prone soldiers to a cabin.
Excellent find and most interesting reading.
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Thanks for posting

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