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  1. I got told today that I need to have key hole surgery on my knee to repair damaged ligiments. Before I even think about applying can anyone tell me if this will lower my chances of being accepted? Because it is a long process to go through justto be told no.
  2. Have PM'ed you.

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Put this in the RAMC board, you may get some more results from our resident experts!
  4. I thought this was the RAMC message board...amongst other things. Am I wrong ventress?
    Where is this other board.....I canny find it!
  5. Best thing to do is speak to your ACIO and seek their advise, either way you will probably not get a definative answer because a lot will depend on which ligaments, the extent of the damage etc

    Holly, no other board - the thread has probably been moved already from its original source