Surgery Stories and Other Tales

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by stripeyretired, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. A good shout makes you feel so much better doesn't it?

    Topic revived !!!

    Accused of having no conviction I was. Well here it is again. Don't like it?, sorry.

    I was at the civvy Quacks today. I stood in front of a dirty great perspex screen, feeling like a nuisance, and in fact like a low life, wanting to see my GP for a routine appointment. It was a terrible experience. I felt like I was overdrawn at the bank and was waiting for the manager to come.

    I stood there for three long minutes, squirming, feeling silly, wanting to leave, while the inhabitants of Planet-ignorant, bimbled away behind the screen. Avoiding my eyes, looking thru' me. Ignoring me. Yes....

    They were Doing what?, well....fiddling, talking, moving bits of paper, tapping on keyboards, having "discussions", peering into monitors, gazing into the ceiling, leaning on the wall, scratching their fnny, you know, the usual. But most of all, ignoring the people (customers, patients even....)waiting for someone to talk to them. For someone even to acknowledge we were there.

    Whilst I waited, I read the several hundred signs they've stuck up all over their huge perspex screen. Literally, hundreds. "No talking", "no waiting" (eh?). "no being abusive", "no losing patience", "don't talk unless you're spoken to". "Stand there and be ignored", in other words just be a not there, be a sad, unwanted patient, you know the kind of thing.

    So, I now have a written my own list thingy, ask me for a copy, which you can take with you to your surgery and hand it in, after you've dutifully filled out all their forms, signed their papers, read ALL THEIR demands, THEIR rules, and THEIR unconditional terms, BEFORE allowing you to see some impatient civvy Quack who promptly chucks you back out onto the street.

    It's a list of MY demands, to GIVE to THEM, because I don't JUST have to OBEY their hundreds of signs. I'm bl##dy NHS entitled, paid up member of the public, entitled to civil treatment, ....OK?

    And by the way: If you work in a Doctor's Surgery, or even a Dentists', because you're all just as feckin bad, and if you recognise yourself or someone here else......well :>


    A good shout makes you feel so much better doesn't it?
  2. My GP's practice are always helpful and accommodating. Don't tar them all with the same brush.
  3. Did I? did I tar them with the same brush, or was it humour?

    You decide. Give us a shout if you want some help with that one.
  4. As an ex-practice manager of a GP surgery, and the husband of a GP I can say that I am sorry for your poor experience.

    I do hope the door didn't hit you on the way out and make you fall in front of a bus.
  5. Well before you edited it you remarked "they're all the same".

    Clearly you don't have much conviction in what you wrote, "comedy" or otherwise as you've chopped 80% of it!