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Good morning all,

Looking for right answer if anyone has done this before.

I was awarded interim award for my injury claim in 2018. After that i had 2 x surgery (arthroscopic or keyhole surgery) and 3 x steroid injection was injected on my injured ankle. I am still getting treatment for my surgery. So, someone from my unit told me that I could make a claim for each surgery I had in the past. Is that true? I never knew you would be eligible for one. I always thought I will get my final award after 4 yrs of interim award and that's it. Can anyone confirm it please.

The AFCS webpage makes it clear that you cannot be compensated twice for the same injury.
As you are on an interim award and will have your case reviewed for the Final award, I would suggest presenting details of the continuing treatment/surgery when the review takes place.

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