Surge in violent females - police

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarryPalmer, Aug 9, 2008.

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  2. A swift kick to the offenders minge should square them away...
  3. Couldn't agree more W60. I learnt very early on in the job that you don't fight girls any different than blokes. A kick in the nuts from a stilletto is just as painful, so you make no allowances, moving hard, fast, and aggressively to kill or capture the enemy!
  4. I blame the rise of the PC culture, myself. Women are encouraged to believe they can be the equal of a man in any circumstances, even standing up in a fight with men. Sorry, loves - come back when millions of years' evolution have equipped you for it, then we'll talk. In the meantime, act like ladies and you'll be treated that way, otherwise pay the piper.
  5. I've always said that I'd never raise my hand to a woman unless she physically attacked me with the intention of ripping my face off.

    Then she'd get the good news.
  6. Thankyou very much. Its always a shocker to a woman who gets punched immediately after her husband does when they both attack someone!

    Big BOYS games. Big BOYS rules!
  7. Too true and then you get tears and "you shouldnt have hit me I am a Woman"
  8. Stick the head on them. Full shoulders behind it, no leaning back first, right in the middle of the face. That'll teach the bitch. She'll have a nice spread nose in the morning and will no doubt have bit her tongue as well, which will shut her up for a few days. Wimmin....know your place.
  9. Then you smack her in the mouth for making excuses. Followed by a swift outside of the foot to the shin and a right cross to the side of the head as she bends over.

    Whilst she's screaming on the floor, you dip her handbag.

  10. Come on, don't hold back and be shy now. Tell us what you really want to do to her...
  11. She'll most likely be a chav munter with a belly, so apart from robbing her fags and purse....probably a swift kick in the gut before I make off with the nights takings. Nothing more.
  12. Oh, and I'd have her mobile as well.
  13. Too fcuking right. Can't stand the amount of rozzers these days.
  14. Why do people honestlty expect women to be treated like they were in 1865 in a Country Manor when they are walking the streets, p1ssed as farts, off their t1ts on Cocaine and flashing their gash to the world every time they see a camera/copper/passer by.
  15. F@cking great aren't they!