Surge in recruitment as support for troops rises

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Surge in recruitment as support for troops rises
Maidstone's 36 Engineer regiment marches through the town
Michael Evans and Andrew Norfolk

A wave of public support for the Armed Forces has swelled recruitment and contributions to military charities such as the Poppy Appeal.

The number of men and women seeking to join the Army, Royal Navy and RAF rose by about 12 per cent even as British Forces continued to suffer casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thousands of people are attending parades to welcome military personnel home and parish ceremonies to pay their respects to servicemen and women killed in battle.

A charity song to raise money for wounded personnel has broken sales records – more than 200,000 copies sold in the first two days – and is expected to top the charts this weekend...

Ipsos MORI found that 81 per cent had a favourable view, the highest level on record. The MoD’s first survey, in 2003, put support at 74 per cent.
Good to hear it!
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