Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lar12345, May 15, 2008.

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  1. hello,

    does anyone here surf? I start basic in less than two weeks and wondered how the army views surfing as I've been doing it for a few years and would like to continue when I finish phase one and 2.

  2. where do you surf? i surf in south wales, porthcawl, rossilli bay, and llangenith. im going to really miss the surf when i join, as im applying for the anglians and i will be miles away from the surf.

    I haven't seen anything in any army forums and stuff about surfing.
  3. I surf a lot, though being a STAB that's not so tricky! I know a few regs who surf, you do still get time off you know.
  4. Have a look at:

  5. Cheers for the link i'll check it out when i get in and all that. I surf north devon and north cornwall green 545. As Dr Chris says there is time off etc

    Surfing isn't really mainstream in this country so I'm not surprised it doesn't get much coverage... I'll still be asking to get posted to Hawaii though.
  6. You'd need to try and sort out an exchange with 25 Division 'Tropic Lightning' then. And I may just see you around :wink:
  7. I think you'll find there is an army surf team!

    Stab here as well, I live in Norfolk, not the best surf country, I save myself for Cornwall or when I'm abroad :)
  8. That US army site haha, " 61 Day(s) Since Last Fatal Accident" - " a division training holiday will be awared for the first 100 days without an accident fatality" Can just imagine it 99 days in "dont you fcuking dare die bob im packed already you wnaker" - "but mate hes been shot in the head"
  9. 25th Inf Div... Lucky lucky bastards. I say we invade Fiji.
  10. "Charlie don't surf!" 8)