Hello, i am a very keen surfer who is hopefully going to be attending RMAS sometime in the future. I was wondering about an army surf team or club that goes on regular outings to various places (hopefully abroad:) ) Or will i have to go on my lonesome in the search for the perfect wave.

Many thanks.
I wound't worry too much, there's loads of surfing to be done and I think you'll find a number of your intake will be keen to head on out for a session.

The army runs surfing as adventerous training these days, for example there's a course running down in Cornwall in a few weeks.

As with all army adventerous training, if you want to do it you've got to go organise it yourself in most cases!!
:D Wave's up dude !!! Used to be a Surf Club at St Mawgan's (Cornwall) when I passed thru there on exercise. Assume it should still be there !! Ring Mil Operator and see if she/he have a number. Camp is RAF as well. Maybe they can give you a steer. Good luck.
Hi Ash

Dont know if this is to late as your message posted last year let me know if you are still having probs as know lots of people in the RAF waveriders club and also army club can give you details if you like :D
Just seen this post - there is an Army Surf Assn and it competes in the Inter Service Champs, along with the RN and us RAF. Plenty chaps out there - just get through the training and you'll find them. It does give you the chance to surf some interesting places - I surfed Oman and France and mates surfed the Falklands, Indo, the Canary Islands - all on duty.

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