Surfing Arrse from work time?

Just got sent this link from the Times, published 01 May, don't know if it has already been posted, apologys if it has:,,20411-2159286.html

The gist is that there is a possibility that as part of Mr Browns Finance Bill, the govt will tax firms for personal surfing and emails unless the use is "not significant". It was to be debated on the 2nd but I couldn't find a follow up story. Even so it makes me wonder if there is anything left in life that isn't already taxed. Air usage?
Isn't there a "Clean Air Bill" that will fine/Tax companies if they fall foul of this? If not I am sure one will be passed soon enough.

So that now makes 61 stealth taxes implemented by the Labour Govt since they took over. (ok it's not been passed as law yet, but that's only a formality with a substantial contribution to the party coffers)

Jesus, that really is taking the pi$$!!

Anything else they want to tax us on? Breathing is a good one, everyone does it and no-one pays for it!!!!

Just shows the way the country has gone!
like to see how they would enforce that same with small compaines ect who have unlimted meterage/use I can see alsorts of legal issues regarding contracts ect with ISP's ect a no brainer to start......and another reason to get these fcukings clowns out of power ASAP!

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