Surf/sit-on kayaks

Looking for some advice on what would be better to buy, a specific surf kayak or a sit on. Here's the sketch. After several attempts at trying to learn to surf I have come to the abrupt realisation that I am rubbish and always will be. However, I am ok at kayaking and rather than spend lots of money on a play boat etc, I quite like the idea of a sit-on. I would be specifically using it on surf/beach paddling/mucking about, but not interested in long trips/rivers (I have access to a sea kayak and regular kayaks for that).

The two options I am considering are the Ocean Kayak Yak Board, or the Perception Five-o. They are very different sit-ons from each other and I am looking for any tips etc from anyone who has the knowledge on which would be best value for money and good for basic messing about in the waves. Iam also open to other alternatives if you can steer me in the right direction.

Much appreciated



Also try the small Bic one as well, I can't remember what it is called, but looks great for the surf as long as you are not too big.

Don't be tempted by the Ocean Kayak Frenzy. I love mine and it is okay in the surf, but it is better past the surf and on the sea as the feel makes turning in the surf hard work.

Sit-on-tops are great, especially when the surf is flat and you can still go and have fun!!!
Not sure how relevant this is but I hired a sit on polythene surf kayak in Ireland some years ago. Constant abrasion on the sand had lead to it taking on water. Fortunately I had enough experience to deal with the problem when it became apparent but you might want to check out the moulding techniques used as regards a uniform or minimum skin thickness.
Resurrecting this to save starting a new thread. I'm looking to buy a sit on kayak in the next couple of weeks but can't make up my mind which one so any advice or your experiences would be useful. The three I have in mind are the Fat Yak 2, Islander Paradise 1 or the Ocean Kayak Mysto. I'll be using it in the Solent mainly and want something I can do a few miles in as well as play around in the surf. The Mysto is probably the favourite at the moment apart from the fact that it has no little storage locker for keys, wallet etc which is a real pain

Has anyone tried any of these three and if so what did you think?

Many Thanks, Jambosun
I have a Malibu mini-x kayak that I use for inshore fishing and as a surf toy. I does both pretty well. Its about 9 ft long and easily car-toppable single handed. It turns quickly and is very stable, has a centre rectangular hatch about 12" x10" and a smaller circular hatch at the bow. Has a good size tankwell to the rear, with enough stowage for an overnighter. Does the job.

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