Surely This Is The Biggest Scam On Television?

Far be it from me to be the one to criticise a wizard scam such as this for the saying 'a fool and his money are soon parted' has never been more evident, however....

For those of you with Sky Digital may I draw your attention to channel 166 "TTV", and in particular to a show thay have called "The Great British Quiz". As of today (New Years Day) their current quiz has been running for at least a week. It is a simple case of doing the four simple questions (such as 'How many hooves on six reindeer'?) and adding the numbers. Adding the numbers i suspect is the key part here.

For those of you who will now no doubt have a look I can assure you that the answer is not 58 as it would appear at first glance, nor is it 13 (from adding 5+8), nor is it 4 (from adding 1+3). The beauty is that when they decide to end this quiz they will tell you the answer, which will more than likely be something absurd, without even attempting to explain how it was calculated. Decimals haven't been ruled out either which adds a totally new dimension to it.

My point is at £1 a call, a steady stream of callers, no possible chance of stumbling on the correct answer and no attempt to explain how its worked out, how is this legal? Or more to the point how can i get in on the action? Allegedly the prize money is £15000, which has increased from £12000 when i first saw it a week ago (on Boxing Day), and who knows how long it was running before that.

Incidentally TTV's decision is final and no correspondance may be entered into with regards to quiz answers. Genius.
Bromhead.These types of quiz shows are only going to benefit the company who run them,not you or anyone who wastes £1 to 'try' and get through only to be dissappointed with their answer.Best thing to do is, don't waste your money on them.
Thats obvious, and no i haven't been dull enough to phone in.

My point is how is this legal? Its like charging somebody a pound to guess what you're thinking.
Stupidity is not illegal. Like the lottery, which is a tax on the stupid. Like most of my family. My mam "Oh need to get a few lottery tickets - it's a rollover" Isn't 4 million on a normal week enough ? Giro's should be short circuited to Camelot. It's a bit like paying Gurkha's in 10p pieces and then watching them feed the shiny machine in the corner of the NAAFI/Mess
Of course it's a scam -]here[/url] is a random OFCOM report from 2 weeks in July last year (2005).

8 counts - but I stress that they were all found to be not in breach or out of remit.

Also from OFCOM Bulletin No 46:

In September 2005, ICSTIS launched a consultation on the possible introduction of new rules and a ‘prior permission’ regime for premium rate TV quiz channels and for TV programmes whose dedicated purpose is to run premium rate competitions.

The consultation follows a significant increase in the number of TV quiz channels, together with an increase in the number of complaints it has received. The proposals mean that those wanting to run premium rate competitions on TV quiz channels will need to consult ICSTIS before running a service and get the regulator’s ‘prior permission’. ICSTIS is proposing to put new rules in place as competitions on TV quiz channels are a new and rapidly growing area in which premium rate services are used. The move aims to ensure that consumers are protected – and are confident in using – this increasingly popular interactive medium.

The consultation closed on 21 October 2005.
Apologies - just got a PM asking for this - every OFCOM Bulletin.

Fascinating what some people find the time to complain about...

Click here.
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25 June 2005 , 21:10 (Maxwell & Science)


In this episode Maxwell claims to have put scabs from his feet into Science’s breakfast.

32 viewers complained that:

the action was racially motivated;
Channel 4 had a duty of care and should have intervened on health grounds; and
this particular element should not have been broadcast as it was offensive.

Channel 4 was not asked to comment on this issue.


In examining the offence likely to be caused by the suggestion that Maxwell had put scabs into Science’s food we noted that although Maxwell said that he put the scabs in Science’s food, this was not shown, there was no evidence that he did and he later denied it. There was nothing to support the suggestion that this was, in any event, racially motivated.

The Big Brother audience expect to see all aspects of inmates’ characters exposed during their stay in the house. They do not expect Channel 4 to keep key character information from them as they decide who to vote for. By including the suggestion by Maxwell that he had put scabs into Science’s food, Channel 4 offered viewers an insight into Maxwell’s character. This was, in the context of Big Brother, the sort of insight that viewers expect.
Sorry, but that Ofcom site is just genius....would love to have been a fly on the wall at this deliberation........

In Breach
All New Newlyweds trail
TMF (The Music Factory), 20 October 2005, 16:11

TMF is a pop music channel owned by MTV. A trail for the series All New Newlyweds featured a woman explaining to a shop assistant the meaning of ‘teabagging’. The complainant, who understood the term was slang for a form of sexual activity, considered that the material was unsuitable for broadcast at a time when children were particularly likely to be viewing.


MTV replied that it checked the content of all trails before broadcast. The content of the Newlyweds trail had been edited, removing the reference to ‘balls’, to prevent viewers, especially children and young people, from understanding the definition of ‘teabagging’. The edited trail was not intended for broadcast when large numbers of children could be expected to be viewing unsupervised (typically between 16:00 and 19:00). The broadcaster considered it unsuitable for this “after school” slot because of the remaining mild sexual innuendo.

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