Surely there must be a better way??



1. Go to Google maps.

2. Go to "Get Directions."

3. Type Japan as the start location.

4. Type China as the end location.

5. Scroll down to direction number 43.

6. Laugh


Ha ha. That was JUST about worth doing. I was chewing gum and for the first time I spat on my keyboard. It was only a sort of spit bubble though not half the contents of a coffee cup or my bladder. Presume you heard somewhere about that? Or did you find it?
A spit bubble is better than no bubble I'll bag that one.

I must confess, some bint at work emailed it to me. Thought I'd check it out. Makes you wonder how many other bone suggestions are out there.
Prince Albert - many thanks for that, prompted by the satellite view of the Pacific I've just spent an hour looking at Iwo Jima and Peleliu etc where the USMC did their notable thing in WW2.

If you pick up the little street view chappie and wave him around the image blue rings appear leading to photographs of the wreckage and bunkers that are still left.

The sand at Iwo Jima really is that horrible, black volcanic stuff.

You probably all know this, but we still point at aeroplanes down here.

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