Surely nobody would name their daughter

I wonder if Robbie is still single? And is there space in his trailer for me, his mom and the rest of the kids........ :oops:
Nice one, first time i have seen it. You do wonder what some parents name their kids. There are truely some howlers out there!!!
Americans do not know what the word "Wanker" means. So why should minge feature? Anyone remember the episode of Miami Vice with Phil Collins as the guest star. During filming he called someone on the set a w*****r, the director heard it, thought it was a great word and insisted it be included in the script.
Hello..... Is it me you're looking for?

"That's another fine mess... ". Class of 2005.

Interesting looking back over previous years to see that the fat munters don't really start appearing en masse until the 1980s.
This one looks like a dead ringer for Rose West.

ducati916 said:
If you are after new Porno Star names, they have them. Never seen so many Chads, Codys and fcuked names in my life
How about Hardy Shelnut

and Demetrius Breedlove
The changing Faces of Elton John...



Thelma from Scooby Doo

Your letter was only the start of it..Jim'll fix it for you...

and a face that says "I chopped up both my parents with an axe before I went to the prom"

The man with a name like a Glaswegian complement

Weldon Fraker

or is it Frank Carson?

and glad to see his parents named his brother after an act of self abuse...Chuck Fraker

The Theme for the women of the class of 1985 was 'the village of the damned..'

for 1986 it must have been 'Octagenarian hookers' and 2001 was 'the Klingon empire'
and the women in 1992 look like they were kept back to resit a coule of decades..

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