Surefire Helmet light

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by WeeAlly, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. WeeAlly

    WeeAlly Old-Salt

    I have got a surefire helmet light HL1-C-TN but im now missing the mounting screw which allows the mount to tighten onto the helmet its a small black one does anyone know where i can get it from???
  2. Compound Clear

    Compound Clear Swinger

    eBay would be your best bet I think mate
  3. Arnie013

    Arnie013 Old-Salt

    Ive been hunting for one for a couole weeks mate. No joy as yet. If you get one pm me with where from. I shall reciprocate. If I cant find one in the next week or so im just gonna contact surefire directly. They sent me a new mount gratis when my old one broke so im sure a wee grub screw wont be an issue.

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  4. Compound Clear

    Compound Clear Swinger

    I think your best bet will be surefire mate, otherwise it'll be a case of buying a whole new mount...
    Could try and go to a local builders merchant as they'll more than likely have something to replace it with
  5. WeeAlly

    WeeAlly Old-Salt

    yeah i just contacted surefire direct see what they say, cheers for the replies ill let you know the outcome
  6. Pop in to your nearest armourer shop, they should have a selection of small screws to fix it.

    I've repaired a few over the years that we swapped with USMC lads on tour.
  7. gorilla

    gorilla War Hero

    Try a model, preferably one that sells remote control plans etc.
  8. WeeAlly

    WeeAlly Old-Salt

    ive found grub screws on ebay but does anyone know the size of the screw for it? cheers
  9. ironr4tions

    ironr4tions Old-Salt

  10. Finding a supplier isn't difficult. Finding the size you want when you're left with a threaded hole is a bit more complex.

    If you can find somebody with the same bit of kit, ask them to take the grub screw out and measure it, preferably against a screw thread gauge.

    Then try RS Components: Buy GRUB SCREW online from RS Components
  11. Surefire will replace them

    RE: David Stitson, Needs Helmet Light mount Screws. Replacement order 6181919

    Dear David,

    Thank you for the email and the information.

    Your replacement item order has just been entered and it will be shipping via US Mail next week.

    Please allow a few weeks for the delivery.

    Best regards and have a nice weekend.

    International Customer Service

    18300 Mt. Baldy Circle I Fountain Valley, CA 92708 I U.S.A.
    T 714-545-9444 F 714-545-9537
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