Sure Fire ARRSE Money Maker

New book genre called: FRATIRE>>> coined in the US, it refers to a new style of writing for men [ akin, but not like ' chicklit ' ] a spate of testosterone-fuelled books about belligerence and debauchery, leglessness and legovers.. sort of a fraternity-house celebration of masculinity..

This has to be a natural for ASSREland!!.. just gather up some of the best threads and put out a series of sleazy paperbacks with lurid covers featuring Kathy West and ARRSE is assured of a profit centre to keep the site running for years..

Suggest the first title should be the RTFQ Chronicles

Maybe a new thread in the Sandbag forum? A collaberative effort to create the ultimate " Men's Story "...
Seem to remember a thread about the award for the worst sex scene in a book and ARRSE produced some Pearls....

Perhaps a search can show some fruit?


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