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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. I got these in the post today off MDN hidden amongst some stuff for the GPRA. I took it all in good humor considering my other half and boss were present when i opened the box. I had a chuckle at the thought of him putting effort into smearing coffee down the seam to imitate wheels spins.

    Im not sure why but after the initial shock i was drawn back to the mud splatter and couldnt resist doing a sniff test. I must have looked like a startled cat as jumped backwards realising the dirty cu.nt really shat his pants and posted them!!

  2. He who Dares..... dear Cait, he who dares

    Remember the convo

    MDN: Had a bit of a wheelspin incident the other day, want me to post them
    Cait: You wouldn't dare
    MDN: Don't say that, you know I will
    Cait: Yeah Yeah Yeah

    And I never imagined that kind of launguage could come out of a young lady

    Cait: You f*****g dirty f*****g c**t, you sh** you f*****g undies and put the f******g things in the f*****g post.... I even sniffed them you dirty f*******g c**t
    MDN: couldn't talk for laughing at image of Cait inhaling my tom tit
  3. Cait, be fair to the man, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: after he found out about the 'Used Schoolgirl Panties' service you run for visiting Japanese businessmen, he was desperate to take part.
  4. Cait, if you look carefully in the front amongst the tea stains you will see a hint of white....... thats a bit of Precum

    I was in a hide waiting for a fallow to show its head, it was freezing, so I propped the rifle up and put my hands down my trollies and my mind started to wander......

    I had to pack it in as I started to sweat and it was getting close to dawn

    Give it a lick, I was thinking about plating you when i spilt it :D

  5. F*ck, good drills mate. You must have pissed yourself laughing when you posted them!
  6. How could I not send my special Arse chick an Easter Pressie?

    thought, planning and a very itchy fritter went into the making of that delivery.

    Don't know why she's whining.......... I sent a fcuking easter egg too.... and four cream eggs which she scoffed in one sitting.

    I also sent her directions and a season pass to Castle MDN in the hope that I may come home to find her draped over my kitchen work top in heels stockings and a german stick grenade gripped between her bum cheeks...

    No pleasing some women :D
  7. MDN, those are comendable actions that you have shown and i really must insist that all men take a loaf....sorry leaf out of your book and once again rise to the challenge that is making women happy.
    out of intrest, what was the forth creme egg made out of?
  8. I totally agree Mr Donut :D

    PS Im using your trollies as a strumming aid. Ive just had a fiddle with them over my head, the smell of your claypit gets me off. Im just resisting licking the mole hills you left behind :D
  9. Credit where credit is due.

    I have been pestering Cait for a pair of Knickers and a photo for weeks..... purely for research purposes of course.

    This morning I opened the door to the postie and had a pleasant surprise, a recorded dleivery with a the postmark of a place not far from caits place.

    I had forgotten what I had sent two days previous and smiled as I opened the package, seeing a photo and a card and what looked like a thong... fabo I thought divign out of my pants ready to adopt the 'knocking one out by numbers, stage 1' position

    I read the card, all very nice, looked at the piccy and thought 'yep, I would'

    I was just about to put the gusset over my chops to have a sniff and saw what she had sent me:

    Dearest Cait, you don't know what you have started :D

    They are on there way back with some very new, very salty DNA in them :D
  10. Jeesus Cait are your chalfonts playing up again?

    I bet you had to do quite a few lunges wearing those under your surgical support stockings to build up a good pile or did you just blow mud while wearing them thinking of MDN lurking expectantly under a coffee table 8O :lol:
  11. Class!! Absolute fecking class. Nearly pmsl at the mental pictures of MDN cracking off and cait sniffing them :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I was under the impression that Cait was stunning, angellic and simply scrummy......... points one and three are true but her sh1t fcuking stinks :D

    No fair i couldn't get a whiff of her workign parts as the musky scent had me wretching......... still managed to splash em before returning them though
  13. You C. U N T, you absolute double crossing stitching C. U N T!!!

    Vomit filled jiffy bag heading your way!

    C. U N T.
  14. :D :D :D :D

    Oh I forgot to add that Cait begged me not to post the pics.

    AS for vomit in a Jiffy bag......... PAh! amatuerish.

    If you wanna gross me out send me a congealed tampon............. which I will also coat in manfat and send you back :D
  15. F.uck you cu.nt features im going for a hysterectomy and posting you my battered womb!!!

    That'll teach you :D