Supressed Document Lays bare the Lies.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. "These claims were also made in two dossiers, subsequently discredited, in spite of the advice by Mr Ross.

    His hitherto secret evidence threatens to reopen the row over the legality of the conflict, under which Mr Blair has sought to draw a line as the internecine bloodshed in Iraq has worsened."

    Threatens to reopen?? It HAS to reopen.

    Blair should be arrested and tried in the Hague for this. He knows he's on thin ice, which is why he tries to keep it quiet and wants us to move on.
    I bet if it was anyone else his missus would be all over this like a tramp on chips.
  2. Looks pretty damning to me, but no doubt the government will 'Kelly' this man.
    How much time and energy must go into refuting such claims?
    That 'energy' could be used to address domestic problems such as: health, education, crime - local and international, the real state of the economy, the breakdown of the family unit, the incipient collapse of the Union, national infrastructure such as railways - roads - water distribution - sewerage et cetera, immigration controls, the replacement of the House of Lords (which worked perfectly well for a thousand years or so), curbing the powers of the European Union, fighting the threat of terrorism, facing up to trade and manufacturing competition from emerging nations, and a host of other matters.
    Where is the Opposition? It is time for a great clunking fist to get stuck into this dreadful apology for a government and soon!
  3. Carne Ross should have come clean years ago. There is no way this lying deceitful Govt would win a case before a jury. Blair should be tried in the Hague and the British people should get rid of this Govt at the earliest opportunity. This war was illegal. The Inquiry a whitewash. I am ashamed to call myself British under this regime.
  4. Unbelievable. Nice of them to forget to tell the rest of us.

    This is the most damaging revelation yet.
  5. Oh dear.

    Continues here - Oh dear.......
  6. Thanks for finding the full version for us, Blogg

    Unbelievable - read it and weep
  7. Thanks Blogg, returned and precised (Copyright etc)

  8. This man:
    Read on here, here and here...

    Editted to add.
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  9. Yes. A man of notable courage and personal integrity. Of course his words and actions will cost him dear, if they have not done so already. But one has to admire him both for his bravery and for the clarity of his thought and comments.

    Would that there were many more like Mr Carne Ross...
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Nige - seconded - but we should not be 'surprised' at the revelation of Carne Ross' evidence. The falsehoods presented by TB/GWB in 2002 were - to anyone who cared to think a bit harder about their combined words and deeds than were most journos - transparent in the first instance. Follow one or other of the links in my signature block to get a feel for that.

    It is only in the last 12 months that one or two journos have gone back to their reporting in 2002, looked at it as a whole, and gone "Ooo - fvck me - it was obvious all along". The fact that 90% of our MPs swallowed the porkies is what I find really scary.

    Will either of them stand trial - well i ain't rushin' off to ladbrokes to put a fiver on it: but in the unlikley event they want to form a firing squad for the pair of 'em, I'll volunteer to deliver the coup de grace.

    And finally, from the BBC, former PM John Major (of GW1 fame) made some very pithy comments this morning, on how we got to where we are now, how the government owes its troops some honesty, and the limits on what we can do now:

    Listen again HERE

    Real Audio (*.ram) file.
    No transcript available.
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    You'd do better to ask why the information in his testimony was withheld until now: I am sure that most of the people who spoke to the enquiry were as honest - but didn't know as much.

    I wanna know:
    Who decided to keep a lid on this? Did they think it would stay buried? Did they let it out today in hopes of taking attention away from TB 'helping the Police with their inquiries'? Or was it the other way round?
  12. Much of that is fair comment and of great relevance. The question also hinges on why it has taken so long before proper parliamentary scrutiny. My guess is that TGarden can advise on that aspect. Even so, it takes courage to be a whistleblower - by accident or by design - as we all know.

    I suspect that if Carne Ross had blown the whistle earlier his revelations would not have had the same effect, indeed they would have been smothered. There's much more impact if such things are placed in the public domain at a Parliamentary Committee hearing. What's also interesting here is that almost certainly someone tipped off his inquisitors...