Supremes back right to picket military funerals

Undoubtedly free speech. Simply because someone doesn't agree with your views or emotions does not make them nutters


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diana ross eh? what a cow.

oh, those supremes. whoops.
The Supreme Court has decided that the Westboro Baptists' right to picket military funerals is protected by the First Amendment.

Supreme Court rules First Amendment protects church's right to picket funerals

A victory for free speech or a nutters' charter? My head says the former, my heart the latter.


While I agree with the spirit of what the justices have decreed, I am surprised however that they have not weighed at all whether causing harm to another through physical and/or verbal abuse constitutes a crime.

There are a number of counter protests at these things that groups of people form a wall around these nutters so that they cannot be seen.

What I understand the least is why the media continue to give these assholes another 15 minutes of fame.
I have to confess to commenting before researching the group. I still stand by my comment but accept they may be slightly unhinged...!
I agree as a matter of principle ... but I'm afraid this lot do stretch my capability for tolerance to breaking point.

Concur, the Westboro lot are totally loathsome.

I have not read the full text of Justice Alioto's dissent but the purpose of a system of laws is intended to keep the peace and enforce the laws. There are few acts more conducive to a breach of the peace than the desecration of an emotionally charged event such as a funeral.

A poster above mentioned the role of the media. If the US news media showed a sense of discipline and refused to show footage of Rev Phelps and company the Westboro Baptists would wither, dry up and blow away.
How quickly would the ACLU and government swung into action if the Westborough jerks were protesting at funerals based on ethnic or religious demographics? My guess would be that Phelp's "church" would have lost it's protected status and he'd be behind bars were that the case. Only explanation left is that veterans aren't considered worth the effort to protect in their eyes...
I'm surprised noone has taken a few shots at these loons


First Amendment: addresses the rights of freedom of religion (prohibiting Congress from establishing a religion and protecting the right to free exercise of religion), freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition.

Home of the brave and land of the free an all that bollocks!


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And these insensitive cnuts say they are religious, f@cking hypocrites
I'm surprised noone has taken a few shots at these loons

Don't think the thought hasn't crossed our minds... fact that so many of us veteran gun owners are law abiding citizens should be evident by the lack of violent retaliation.
true that, but theres always a random nutter
true that, but theres always a random nutter

Oh... I so hope there is... an IED detonating next to Phelp's "church" during mass would be delicious. ;)
Oh... I so hope there is... an IED detonating next to Phelp's "church" during mass would be delicious. ;)

theres been a couple of devices left that fail to go off (if i remember that doco correctly) I actully feel sorry for the kids, theres a couple of young ones never known differant and a couple int here 20s who could do with a large portion

NOTE TO DHS/USSS I don't want anyone playing with thing that go bang or leaving them in public, plus I don't look good in orange so please dont kidnap me
For a moment I thought Motown Records had a new signing.
Well I suppose they are entitled to their opinion. If they are an organisation of some sort, then it's only fair that they pay for the ploicing bill as do football clubs here on match days.

Next military funeral, no pay. Police no play :)


Oh... I so hope there is... an IED detonating next to Phelp's "church" during mass would be delicious. ;)

Lets see if he still uses signs saying "thank God for IED's" after that happens.

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