Supreme arrogance?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by troopie, Apr 15, 2007.

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    Tony Blair has said his legacy as prime minister will "stand the test of time" and the "final building blocks" of reform are being put in place.
    He told BBC One's Politics Show that reducing NHS waiting times, building more schools and tackling anti-social behaviour were among his achievements.

    He said planned policy announcements were not aimed at "binding" his successor, but "doing what is right".

    His legacy would be judged "in the long term", Mr Blair added.

    'Different politician'

    Mr Blair, who is expected to announce his departure from office next month, said: "When you ask the question 'Will our changes stand the test of time?', the answer is they will."

    He said he had become a "different type of politician" during his 10 years in Downing Street.

    Mr Blair added that he had "tried to take decisions that are in the country's long-term interest".

    Critics have argued that a planned series of announcements on health, education and anti-social behaviour are aimed at controlling the policy agenda of his successor, widely expected to be Chancellor Gordon Brown.

    Mr Blair said: "It's nothing to do with binding the hands of my successor. It's doing what is right."


    Despite a Royal College of Nursing report claiming that 22,300 NHS jobs have been lost in the last 18 months, Mr Blair defended his record on health.

    He said: "When we came to power, people used to die on waiting lists waiting for their heart operations. People don't do that any more."

    On education, he said only 80 schools in the country had 70% of their pupils getting five good GCSEs when the government came to power but "the figure today is over 600".

    "The number of failing schools - cut dramatically, the number of 11-year-olds getting their requisite passes - up dramatically," he added.

    Mr Blair said decisions which will be taken over the next few weeks will "secure the long-term changes for the future".

    I've not seen the interview, but if Blair honestly believes that that is his lasting legacy then he has completely lost the plot. No mention of Iraq, Afghanistan, human rights legislation fiascos, slashed funding across many (all?) departments, Millennium Dome, signing away our nations rights and benefits, the list is enormous.

    His government has presided over a period in which public confidence and pride has been decimated. Pick up any newspaper and it will be full of anti-social behaviour, crime, crazy laws, government blunders and c0ck-ups.

    Why is he still here? It now looks like nothing he has done in the last 10 years has been in the interest of the country.

    The arrogance in that interview really takes my breath away.

  2. Blair will leave a legacy of 10 years of steadily-increasing shame and scandal, all handled with breathtaking arrogance.

    He'll no doubt write his own Memoirs, but it may be very difficult to find anyone of consequence to produce any kind of flattering biography. Hatchet-job biographies, by contrast, will swamp the shelves.

    And the prospect of Brown succeeding him just doesn't bear thinking about.
  3. Anything decent the twat has done for the country had already been put in place by the Tories. The only thing NuLabour are really good at is introducing legislation and reform without public referendum - and of course stealth taxes.
  4. The great British public in their infinite wisdom voted for this shower, you get the government you deserve. Its not so much him (scum IMHO) but the issue is that he has been voted in THREE times.

    So where is the problem his party, the public or democracy?

  5. Yes he has become a different type of politician...

    He's an even bigger cunt that the rest of the useless shower of cunts we've got in the current government...
  6. This is a thread all of it's own, but IMHO it is a lack of democracy when a political party can wield a substantial majority yet only receive around 35% of the National vote. It certainly doesn't help that the only people who have the power to change this live in marginal constituencies. My MP has a majority of around 17,000 so effectively my own personal vote is worthless no matter whether I agree or disagree with his opinions.
    Better stop there - I can feel a rant coming on (West Lothian question....STV....
  7. He's been voted in three times for essentially buying votes by expanding the Civil Servant jobs. Buying the votes of the mongs on benefits, immigrants who know they would not be here if not for Blair etc...

    Our 'system' is screwed and utterly corrupted from the ground up.
  8. I think apathy is definitely one of the problems - a general perception that "they're all just as bad as each other so I won't bother to vote." If everyone who was allowed bothered to vote then I'm sure a lot of majorities could be overturned.

    For most of us there is no real alternative to the main 2 (ok, 3) parties, and it is only when an Independent campaigns on a local issue that people sit up and take note.

    Whilst I would love to get rid of the current lot, there doesn't appear to anyone better to take their places and do things to actually try and improve our society.
  9. He's a kn0b of the highest order, there is no question about this. \but there is a vital question: Who should we put our tick against? They re all scum and I can't figure out which is the LEAST dangerous.
  10. I'm inclined to vote Liberal. Create a hung parliament and then watch them all try to agree on how best to shaft us.
  11. I'm tempted to start a "None of the above" party like Monty Brewster in 'Brewster's Millions.'
  12. Well thats better than not voting at all. If more people turn out and voted and more independants stood as they serve their communities.

    A properly hung parliement could accutauly be what this country needs and they certainly cant co*k it up any worse than Liabour
  13. he is the proverbial "walter mitty" character, and apart from that not much can be said about him that's worth saying !
  14. Posted - After 'Gin Time'.

    This man's 'legacy' will not be a happy reading experience, for the man, or for his family.

    He is the man who has turned 'up-side down' the meaning of decency and honour in Great Britain. The list of his 'errors' of political decision is endless.

    He is, without any doubt, the worst - that is WORST - prime minister (lower case intended) we have had since Lord North.