supposed ex reg recruits

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by whitenoisebabies, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. now before reading this, this isn't slagging regs off read carefully

    have any other units had an influx off recruits who have been in the regs (phase one) for the glorious lsgc earning period of 4 or so weeks before being f**ked off. the same oiks who then come into TA units and gob off about there wealth of experience. we even had one who when given an order by a full screw uttered the words your only TA, (and he wonders why the regs fucked him off)

    disscuss sensibly (if thats possible for arrse!!! lol)
  2. I would suggest anyone who has only served 4 weeks or so could not consider themselves to be 'regular'. Ive spend longer not have a crap for goodness sake. If these types are found to be complete chods, they should be given the same treatment that the regs gave them. Im sure the old sweats in the TA can weedle them out and enlighten them to the reality of it all.
    Although some would fit the 'Gareth from The Office' mantle quite well. :wink:
  3. I remember one in my old unit who always claimed to be an ex-reg "armoured soldier". Turned out he'd just done three weeks of Phase 1.

    The worst kind are the self-proclaimed "ex-Marine" and "ex-Para" types who just done a few weeks of the course before jacking it.
  4. I agree with Flashys statement, these are NOT ex-regs, infact to be a little controversal but anyone who hasn't served 3 years cannot be deemed an ex-reg in my eyes

    Becareful of this lot especially if they are using thier "ex-reg" status to bypass your recruit training (TAFS? pre-TAFS? whatever its known as). I'm an ex reg of 12 years standing and joining up and I may still do recruit training, infact I'm looking forward to it.

    Reminds me of a story a friend told me, he did about 6 years got out and went to work at a bank, there they said that he had to meet there other ex squaddie, ex Bomb Disposial

    Turned out he didn't make it through RE basic training
  5. This got quite popular a few years ago and (I believe) still applies to 4* Cadets. I've found that the ones who try hardest to avoid so-called "repeat" basic training turn out to be the earliest leavers and - without doubt - are the most casual/dangerous on ranges. The really good guys (especially those ex-regs with a bit of rank) tend to be the keenest to re-do basic training. Either to prove themselves to their new muckers, or catch up on skill-fade or just because they're keen as mustard.

    History repeating itself now with me inheriting ex-OTC types who believe that they can bypass various modules on the DEPO course. Fortunately, Westbury & RMAS provide a stronger quality filter than a PSI or PSAO desperate to keep the recruiting numbers up so for once I've got robust top-cover from the system.
  6. Are you sayig 4 star cadets are trying to bypass basic training, please you are joking right ?!?! :?

    I remember being told that 4 star looked good for your application but still didn't mean you could skip things (I only managed 2 star my self)

    Exactly, why is it that they are trying to skip things, maybe they foud it too hard the first time round

    My thoughts exactly, I'm 5 years out and need a refresher, I think its alright for an ex-reg who has littarly left and then signed-up, thing is due to work commitments I can't do pre-TAFS and they are talking to me about a direct entry as the next course is at the end of the year
  7. We had a quick look at this in QR's last year. It would appear that those who have passed 4* cadet level may, at the discretion of the training team, be excused the 2 week recruits course. Note the at the discretion of bit. If anyone rocks up shouting they dont have to do basic then they have a chip that needs knocking off anyway, however if you have a bloke who you know to be ex- 4* and he is doing well on the weekends let the training team know and you might get a soldier for trading faster than you thought.
  8. i know exactly what youre talking about why is it every unit has a know all
    that tells you that his been there and done it all before. The problem is that i wouldn't mind listening to them if you fault what they are saying is true, but it normally so easy to tell that there talking crap.....

    i just can't understand why make it all up??????????
    were suppossed to all be in the same boat aren't we?

    i think sad bastard is the word.. :p
  9. Its normally the young chaps who dropped out of basic who call themselves ex reg the guys been in a while normally keep stum as they quite happy to play mr grey man .They either grow up or leave or get kicked out .
    Oh you werent kicked out of the Regiment you were kicked out of the ta :lol:
  10. We had a lad who said he was ex 1 KINGS, Then we went to Slovakia on excercise and we could right away he wasn't any form of soldier at all, his kit was in rag order, his weapon was even worse and then it come to the 4 days in the field. I got asked to babysit him, no, not because I special, but because I was unlucky pleb who had to. He packed no rations apart from chocolate, when I asked why he hadn't packed his meals, he said to carry less weight and I thought I could share someone elses. When I cooked a meal for the lads on stag, I asked him to take the meals to the lads and he got lost on the way, seriously me and our SGT were looking for him for a good 20 mins, so that fcuked my admin time up and didn't get a good meal that night. Then he fell asleep on stag, never seen a lad bollocked so much in my life, and then he comes up with "I've got a sore ankle"..

    We just said agreed with him and binned him off the exercise because he was no ex reg or a soldier at all for that matter. We goes in our office the tuesday after to find him getting binned by the boss and to hand his kit in on the wednesday morning. The boss fills us all in, He had only done 4 weeks training at Catterick, gone AWOL 2 twice and had been in a sh1t load of trouble for reasons we don't know...

    Obviously I didn't find it funny as it really fcuked my final excersise up, having to babysit some ******** who could even take care of himself, let alone his kit and weapon, I had to take weight off him because of his "injury" and I really could have let fly with him that week...

    Now I couldn't care less if you were ex reg or not, I wait until you get out on excersise to decide that...
  11. The answer is easy, Ringo - unless you see their Discharge Papers dont trust the little urchins.

    If they've been out for >3 years I believe they'll need to undergo re-training anyway?
  12. I've been out 5 and it looks like I'm skipping basic, but thats more becuse of time limitaions and numbers on course than a lack of willing.

    I just hope I can remember how to strip and clean a rifle, you still use SLR's right ? :?
  13. I had an ex RAF Regt corporal, been out two years. Try as I might, I couldn't get him waived off CIC. Bloody ridiculous. He did it, because he was a good bloke, but the system is too inflexible sometimes.


    :lol: :lol:
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Stop it, stop it, that's enough!
  14. I got let off all my TA basic training and recruits course

    I had been out to the RAF for 6 months but ti was touch n go as to if they would let me or not.

    Still had peeps chasing me for a recuits course for a while :lol:
  15. Being somewhat gullible on the odd occasion, I actually scanned through QR's to try and find this peculiar little nuance. Sadly, I can't find it. Now, be a good chap, here's QR's - find me the paragraph number will you?

    Not b*llsh1tting were you? :roll: