Supportive sports/injury under layers (Under Armour type stuff)

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Jumping Jack, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Trying to help someone out. I was looking at the new generation of sports 'under layers' ie things you wear next to the skin which use panels etc to give support to certain parts of the body. Kind of 'squashing' in parts like thighs, calves etc. Wandered if they'd be useful for arthritis type symptoms?

    I'm thinking that if these materials can squash in the muscles up a bit they would be stronger and help someone with weakened leg mobility have a bit more strength/stability? Help them exercise and to walk about. I'm thinking they are useful for people who exercise and rip muscles and so these panels keep the injured part bound in a bit and thus helps keep warm, helps repair and keeps you on your feet...sorry i mean 'retains performance.'

    Can anyone recommend any brands. Both expensive and cheaper. May be useful information.

    I've had a quick look at Under Armour. I recall seeing some other brands. Maybe even Keela were entering in to this market a few months back.
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  3. Cheers BA the Proskins look good. They do a 'Recovery' set for about £45.00 which may fit the bill. I cant see them on the website you suggested though. Logged in + tried different categories.
  4. I'd invest first in a sports therapist / physio before spending any money on such items. Whereas you seemed focussed on tissue damage / weakness what's to say that there's not a measure of skeletal frame imbalance as a result. You need to take a more holistic view of the 'problem' young man.
  5. Very wise as always Alec but he is getting that help and is on a course of theraputic exercise as well. Recent occurance, diagnosis not clear yet. re the fancy pants 'tights' I'm just thinking over winter etc they'd give him a bit more support and keep the troublesome muscles warm at all times and thus more useable. Bit of a laugh as well but now these brands are linked to rugby etc they are not as 'specialist' as they used to seem, the benefits have caught on. (Codpiece = optional!)