"Supporting The Troops" Patriotism or Racism?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. Saw an article today stating that the mother of a serving soldier has been referred to the CPS for Incitement to Racial Hatred after a Libyan neighbour complained to police about her displaying a "Support Our troops" poster. Get your replies into this thread in quick befor it gets closed or removed by the ARRSE thought police!
  2. You have got to be joking? Where is this story?
  3. As in -- is there a link or reference?
  4. Perhaps a link to the article itself - or at least a statement of where exactly you saw it - would guard against any danger of the MODs quite properly and correctly removing inciteful posts which - in the absence of factual evidence to support your claim added to the fact that you expect some censorship - is the only conclusion we can draw so far regarding your post.

    At least, that's my view and I'm not a MOD.
  5. I should have thought anyone who's against supporting the troops should be the one's who are in trouble. This was the sort of thing that some said would happen when they brought this law in. But then again we're in BLiar's third term so we should rather be marching all soldiers, soldiers families and ex-soldiers off to jail for being patriotic in our multi-cultural Britain.

    Is there any more proof required that 'multi-cultural' means pro-minority and anti-majority? I don't think I'm a racist, but such PC krap really annoys me! As I've always said, equality is supposed to be equality.
  6. If a link isn't provided as a reference, then yes, it will be closed. Abacus is absolutely correct in his statement.
  7. I started fulminating at this, then took a deep breath and tried a Google search for 'Libyan support troops racism'. Nothing.

    Perhaps this is a media myth? I certainly hope so.
  8. Just done a search on the RSS feeds, Google and Reuters services, and nothing. Where is this article?
  9. I can confirm the story, saw it in the paper at my old mans house earlier today. Think it was The Sun, not 100% on the paper though.
  10. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005520709,00.html

    Text of artice reads:

    MUM who put up a Sun poster backing our troops in Iraq was arrested — accused of a RACE crime.
    Janet Thomas, 38, was bailed for racially aggravated harassment and a file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

    She was quizzed after a Libyan neighbour complained about the poster in her window at Crewe, Cheshire.

    Janet said: “I was just being patriotic. I find this unbelievable.”

    End of quote

    Sadly it seems to be true. Oh, hang on it IS the Sun. Perhaps not then.

    Edited to make more clear that this was a quotation.
  11. Maybe ARRSE can design a Poster for everyone to place in their windows to SUPPORT OUR BRITISH TROOPS in Iraq, anyone who is offended at a poster of Patriotism shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a U.K. Citizen, how ridiculous a nation are we becoming if we bow down to people like this in our own Country!!!
  12. I need to leave this country, Mums can’t support us, and TB is trying to kill us. I think I will head to a nice safe suburb of Paris!!!!!
  13. Seems a very short story from the Sun.

    Surely the immediate action on receiving a complaint, is for the Police to go round and have a word with the parties concerned? How did it get referred up to CPS?

    Is there more to this story?
  14. Should leave this country full stop.
    Totally pathetic I wish people had the guts to turn round and say actually you know what you don't like it feck off back to your own country!
    Racist!?! Maybe but I couldnt care less anymore this country p*sses me off
  15. Nah, this can't be right. The day that a British citizen is arrested for showing respect for the brave men and women who give their all for Queen and country is a very sad day indeed, and I hope that this incident is more than it seems as at the moment I am very disturbed by this.
    I am not a racist and I am always outspoken about equality, but if they (the person making the complaint) don't like the fact that some-one is patriotic in their own country then maybe they should leave.