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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Due to the downturn, my career in construction has been reduced to looking after some "social housing" programmes one being decent homes.....what a waste of taxpayers wonder we as a country are in so much financial cr@p.

    The social scroungers are getting new kitchens, bathrooms & heating, I am not talking about lifes vunerable types, but able bodied sub-people who can not be arrsed to get out of bed in the mornings but choose to live off the wonder Lierbur has still got voters...freeloading peices of Sh1t!!!
  2. tbf unless thee was cash ot be had for voting I doubt they vote to much like hard work innit :x
  3. I live in some ex MOD housing and over the years more has gone into social housing. I came back from H9 to be greeted by my worthless neighbour telling me how he had got all his doors and windows 'done' his kitchen refurbed and a new bathroom - all courtesy of 'us'. Worthless scrote even called the Housing Association out to tighten up a door handle. Spends his day polishing his motorbike and smoking tabs. Complains he cant heat his house and its the Housing which should take responsibility for it. Makes me puke.
    Rant over
  4. One Guy didnt like his new kitchen and wrecked it, we now have to repair it, these are the types that should be digging out canals by hand to earn is dole & housing...the long term unemployed should be made to work for it :x

    Labour & Lib dems will only encourage the lazy barstewards
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Correct.This is but one area where the Labour client state vote is.
  6. A scrounger opposite me is today getting a new kitchen and bathroom fitted. He is sitting outside in in the sun drinking white lightnining and smoking roll-ups. He says its because his kitchen and bathroom is being fitted. When the work is done he will still be sitting out there swearing, smoking, drinking, urinating on the pavement outside. He has twice been served ASBOs for this behaviour, but they aren't permanent bans, so I have to complain, keep logs, take pictures for months on end until someting is done to stop him behaving like this. Two summers he has now ruined for residents here. When he is not sitting out there, he's sitting in the Doctors surgery wanting another magic pill to cure him from all of his self inflicted health problems. He is permanently red faced and must have the BP of a jumbo jet tyre. Here's hoping he'll soon have a massive stroke.

    If anyone would like to PM me some suggestions for some more radical, vigourous (and barely legal) solutions to this problem, I'm sure a substantial donation to H4H could be found.

    The problem today is that there is no shame in this lifestyle. 20 years ago he would have at least kept himself out of sight. Now he joys in telling us he's drunk all day and hasnt worked in 20 years but wants for nothing.
  7. Keep winding him up!! Rev your car outside, get all the neighbourhood kids round for a noisy, screamy, screechy waterfight, scuttle Mrs WotW over his garden hedge....pretty much anything that will raise his blood pressure and just wait for that aneurism to pop!!
  8. It's what I love about the shoite local free papers. Every week theres a picture of a fat doley pointing angrily at a light fitting or something complaining that the council haven't come round to fix it.

    Another favourite is school admissions. Every year there are heartbrakign tales of how little Wayne or Waynetta might have to walk more than 100 yards to get to school as they didn't get into the one next door. Invariably the outrage goes on until someone from the school issues a press relaease saying "sadly Mrs Slobb didn't submit an application form for Wayne/Waynetta so a place was not allocated..."
  9. had radio Sussex knock on the door today looking for people to whine about the state of council housing its fine says I and they even came out and fixed the heating when it broke :D

    do have a newish kitchen as the one in before was stolen probably by the moron who lived next door :cry: can't imagine there much call for s/h council kitchens.

    the problem family was moved to Shoreham Brighton's attempt at a Gulag archipelago apparently all the problem families are being moved there.
    then the plan is to hope for a huge flood :twisted:
  10. Very interesting post i must say. Speaking from a strictly neutral perspective ........
    Who do you blame if there is indeed any blame at all in this case?
    Did the so called scroungers ask for these new fittings to be fitted or is it the state that is at blame for giving this much material pleasure to them?
    Is this a pure case of jealousy?
    If you can't beat them ...... join them, then you will get free things too!
    As for pride ....... Does pride put food on the table and pay your bills?
    I was under the impression that lazy able bodied people were being heverly clamped down on as regarding employment and state benefits, but not heavy enough by the sounds of it.
  11. And Shoreham used to be such a nice place.
  12. I blame that Heather Mills McCartney.
  13. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    A pity an airstrike can`t be called up.
  14. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    We can`t have a clampdown on one of the areas of the Labour core vote in the run-up to a general election,can we?.
  15. Not everyone who lives in a council house is a scrounging waster.