Support Vehicle on the Road

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Man_at_MAN, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. With Systems Acceptance for Support Vehicle fast approaching, the fleet will been seen out and about in the near future.

    An HX77, straight from trials, will be at HQ Land 12th April, and then an HX60 at the Theatre Troops ES Study day on the 25th.

    The Conversion Training Fleet will also be up in Leconfield for the next fortnight.
  2. Great, nice to see the roll out of new kit, but the TA will still have Bedfords & Dafs for how long exactly?
  3. My Troops been tasked with the Fielding Programme. The boys do the course in July then plenty of trips to SMC and Brize......

    UK units, pick yer own up.....
  4. We can have Dafs!!!

    How long have these been an option?

    Edited for chav like grammar
  5. Theyre like Heli-bedfords..

    Although in this case you get an ageing Defender 110, strip the canopy off and make deep bruum bruum sounds whilst driving down the road..


    TA getting DAFs... next you'll tell me theyve got CS95 kit 8O

    These new Support Vehicles sound great. Are they more squaddieproof than the DAFs were/are?
  6. After getting 2* permission of course!
  7. we've got dafs !!! although we are a tpt regt. what we do miss though is wolves and doubt we'll see them for a while either
  8. Can't wait to see it on the road, and then in the hands of the user.
  9. You will not be allowed wolves until troops are suitably qualified by completing their 'driving like a cnut' course.
  10. we're a regiment of drops drivers, how difficult is it to replace the crappy 110's with wolves?
    Besides, i think the "driving like a cnut" course is only available to regs.
  11. No a few of ours have done it as well!!!
  12. Yeah yeah, but the most important variant will be with me in ANOTHER bloody climatic cold trial!!!!
    Wheres me Gel Suit! :twisted:
  13. Tips for your soon-to-be monotonous journeys!
    1. When the driver display says "CHECK PHONE"..dont bother, there isnt one!
    2. Leave it in AUTO, the joys of changing gear like Jenson Button, by flicking a lever, soon wear off!
    3. Theres no take your own!
    4. Dont get out to check the oil, 2 presses of a button and a nice graphic picture of the dipstick with oil level on, will appear!

    Apart from that, for once, the Mil dont seem to of made a bad purchase! Just dont let on to Man-at-MAN , he gets way more money than me and will be wanting another 50k bonus or whatever MAN are giving these days!
  14. Man_at MAN is it true that the quantity being purchased has dropped to 7000?

    tank_6275 LAND ended up with less than 50% of the WOLF requirement when they were purchased and this is why you still have Defender and will continue to have Defender for years to come.

    Now do you understand what Whole Fleet Management is all about!!!!!!