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Discussion in 'RAC' started by KyleH, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. What does the support troop in a Formation Reconnaissance Squadron provide?
    And now that the Striker troop has been eliminated from a Recon Sabre squadron what has it been replaced by?
  2. AlienFTM

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    1. Don't EVER use the word RECON in polite company. It shows you up to being a Septic-lover. In English (that's English that does not need to be qualified, therefore explicitly excluding US-English and is often incorrectly tagged UK-English, which is a tautology, because English is the language of the English and does not nee qualifying) the only acceptable abbreviation for reconnaissance is recce. If you insist on using Recon, you might wish to consider referring also to a Saber Squadron.

    2. I wouldn't unduly worry about what Support Troop consists of this week because over the decades it seems to change every other week. Don't expect it to appear when you reach a sabre squadron the same as it appears now.

    1. is my bigoted considered opinion.
    2. is my humble opinion.
  3. Boot troop do everything that the squadron leader tells them
  4. Those jobs better done with more men and fewer vehicles.
    In my experience they could be broken up one vehicle to a sabre troop to provide extra men to do stag in OP's, particularly at night. As a combined squadron i.e. all the troops of a medium recce rgt, they were supposed to be capable of a formal infantry assault role. At one time they were trained to do road demolitions, although that's a very cold war type idea so probably now obsolete, these day I suppose it would be more likely road clearance. If it was felt necessary they would deploy to protect either SHQ or the echelon for a forward replen. Finally since a good recce vehicle never really uses it's gun they were perfectly capable of joining the screen, although the guys in the back of a Spartan can get pretty car sick at speed over long periods.

    I've no idea what replaced Striker since we didn't get them in Yeomanry, but speculatively they made a Spartan with a Milan launcher on top so that would be a possibility.
  5. Ah, happy days in Sp Tp, 1 x Ferret and 3 x Saracen and don't forget the zb298!
  6. Javelin!
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    Bugger - I never knew times where so hard.
  8. Didn't realise you spoke Portugese...

  9. Thanks............................................TWWWWWAAAAAAATTTT! :lol: I thought you wouldn't notice! :x
  10. I can only speak of HCR, though I imagine the rest are the same. Vehicle wise, we have Spartans, though on tour we've been using Jackals on the ground. We provide specialist capabilities from SQN upto BG level. In the Troop you have 2-4 badged snipers + a few sharpshooters, some javelin operators/instructors, some COTAT/surveillance photographers, all the troopers are trained Support troopers who have done demolitions training/mine awareness/defence construction an breachin. You also have a few lads who have done the RE search course. An usually everyone is a trained team medic. As for roles, if you deploy as a troop with the SQN you'll be clearing safe routes ahead of the sabre troops, providing overwatch with the JAV/Snipers, clearing compounds along routes an all that good infantry stuff. You may also get spammed to work on your tod as BG Recce Troop etc. Sometimes just a few specialist lads are needed from the troop, an are attached elsewhere doin ARF or working with whoever needs them ie Snipers. You are basically the A team, without the van. It's deffo the best place to be in a Squadron if you want to destroy non-infidels!