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A Canadian beer company, Steelback Beer, is hosting a couple of parties here in Edmonton. They are laying on the grub, free beer and free entertainment to say "Thanks" to the soldiers of the CF and our DND employees. IMHO, free beer is an outstanding way to say "Thanks", second only to arranging a date for me with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

At any rate, it's a damned fine gesture on their part and greatly appreciated.

Any other nations had company's extend such "Thank You"? I guess in the UK, the company would likely be Boddington's, no?
It is not PC over here to advertise overtly that u associate with the armed force's, it might offend our muslim brothers (even though they dont drink), so no its not likely to happen over here.

This is not my view even though I am not mil, but the general ethos from our government.

Our PM does not even meet wounded troops etc, it doesnt get him the required quodos to gain more votes, so y bother.
It has happened before - after Gulf War 1.

A group in the home town, when a Freedom of The City parade was held, laid on a free party for all the regiment in Cardiff.

Damn decent of them and much was consumed and enjoyed.

Sadly, afterwards no one could quite remember who they were and I am not sure they were properly thanked for their very generous and much enjoyed gesture.

These were a bunch of private individuals rather than a brewer but the gesture is still lovely, whoever does it.
There's a brothel in Nevada doing freebies for troops.

I got issued a set of golf clubs donated by Calloway when I was in Iraq. Wasn't entirely sure what to do with them, mind.

Some concerts are also free to troops, as are the occasional days at theme parks.


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