Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Hello everybody,

    it got recently to my attention that there are many British Troops in Basra and Baghdad who never received any mail. We have established Contact and would need people who are willed to write letters to the brave men and woman in Uniform.

    Show them that you care, it takes just a few minutes to write a card or letter. It's a simple way to show "Hey, we care!"

    If you are willed to write a letter please send it to:

    Soldiers' Angels Europe
    British Troop Support
    Attn:Miss Weiland
    Postfach 10 02 06
    48051 Muenster

    Every single Letter goes through us and will be distributed to the deployed on the Frontline.

    We also have British Marines and Coast Guard who could need a little extra support. More than 200 of them haven't got any Mail yet.

    If you want to write to a British Marine or Coastie you can use the same adresse as above.

  2. Are there British 'Coastie's' in Basra :?
  3. No, the US Coast Guard works with the British Marines. That is how we made contact to them, it was through the US Coast Guard :)

    The Coasties is the most forgotten Branche of the US Military which is one of the reason we started to support them too. Most of the people see them as drug buster and have no idea that they're deployed to the Middle East as well.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    the US Coastguard were doing inshore patrols around Umm Qasr when I was there in 2003...good bunch.

    Happy to send a card to a lonely (female) Coastie - but I'm guessing there aren't too many females with our booties......and if they're from 539 Assault Sqn they're all mad as a box of frogs anyway...well done you for raising their profile thoughbut.

    Don Cabra