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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by normalguy, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Evening all just hopefully after a few answers.
    Thinking about joining the TA sasr as a support staff member not a walty character here not expecting to wear the beret by the back door with endless tales of being in the sas etc etc just after gen peoples experiences of being a support staff member of the above and hopefully what this entails as the web is pretty bare of this info want to join the ta but also be at the front helping to make a difference front as be with a front line unit not any answers wou;ld be grateful/
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Phone them up and ask.

  3. I know several people who are support for the TA SAS. They all transferred in from 'normal' units. I don't know if they train their own support staff recruits, I think you might have to join a another unit, do basic training, do trade training, and then transfer later on. You can find this out by asking, as MSR has said.

    As for the work the support staff do, I'm not sure that being a chef for 21 or 23 SAS is hugely different to being a chef elsewhere in the TA. Anybody that knows better - pls correct me.

    If you're really keen to be in a front line unit, why not join your local infantry unit?
  4. they would prefer it if you didnt have a civvy job, they are quite demanding even if your not a blade, even as a member of support sqn you would bet required to tip up all the time so it would help if your civvy job didnt have shifts or weekends in it. and if you havent got a job then no probs, you can work in the week too. and be prepare to travel as were ever the regt go you will go, and if their short on drivers in a troop be prepared to do a little bit more than what you joined for, so your fitness should be good.
  5. Thanks for the info much appreciated i have contacted my local unit and had a brief chat, they explained i would need to do 1 weekend a month and 1 night a week so its quite a commitment
    Thanks again for the info

  6. I was offered a chance to apply as a driver for my local SAS(R) unit, as I was too old to attempt Selection. I did'nt take them up on it, as I'd feel a right bloody Walt wearing the sand-coloured beret(yes, I know Support Staff don't wear the Winged Dagger)when the sum total of my SF "service" was driving recruits to and from the training areas.

    As far as I'm aware, Support Sqn do not go through any form of SF training.

    I'm not knocking the guys in Support Sqn. They do a vital job. But I'd feel like a fraud.

    Good luck to you if want to try for it, mate.
  7. That's not a commitment, its non attendance. 3-4 W/Es a month every month that's commitment!
  8. Good point. It's also fairly traditional to do the special forces route prior to becoming a chef.

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  9. 1. Opportunities to attend Overseas Training Exercises (OTX's) are likely to be higher in UKSF(R).

    * Salisbury Plain, Barry Buddon, Leek v.s. Fort Bragg USA, Belize, Poland, Norway etc.

    Some OTX opportunities are only for Sabre personnel but many require support staff.

    2. If your personal circumstances allow you to make the commitment, you have a higher 'budget' of Man Training Days (MTD's) to consume, not an upper limit of 27 that requires multiple signatures from 'Grown Ups' to exceed.
  10. Fair one. But driving is still driving; all that's gonna change in OTX is the side of the road you're on. No matter how stretched UKSF(R) is, I can't see Support Sqn. drivers being allowed to do anything other than what it says on the tin.

    Not knocking the blokes who do it, but no-one should think it's a back-door to SF.

    As someone else Posted, if you want to serve on the "front lines", join the Infantry.
  11. Thanks for the info lads much appreciated.
    Have decided to give it a go hopefully i have something to offer as a support person after speaking to my local unit i have been told to expect 1 weekend in four and one night weekly as a standard as i posted earlier also to expect overseas travel once again thanks appreciated all the comments and also thought if i do something like this am i a fraud? not a walty type or one to say hey look at me beige beret have to say if i do get posted not sure we deserve to wear the same beret without daggers i know. But hopefully my best will be good enough and i will be of some use as a support member
  12. The important thing is you have chosen to serve. Good luck to you.

    And don't worry about the Beret; if They did'nt think you deserved to wear it, you would'nt be issued it.

    In my(limited)experiance, most SF hardly ever wear their beret anyway.
  13. Yup beret rarely worn. However I would recommend anyone interested in being SASR support staff; they are very much part of the team and well regarded. Correct that they come under the larger MTD umbrella.
  14. Do the Support Staff ever do Force Protection?
  15. you wont wear a beret