Support Royal Irish

or support the boys....that's my old reg, so cheque on its way, my oldest daughter can wear it, she likes that kind of thing.

Imjin Company is one of their formations I'm told (the TA one), and I was asked to give a 5 min history of the Imjin battle down the phone, since my father had been there in the same regiment, becuase one of my pals is in that bn and had a need to give the boys a briefing on why they had the name.

Bless 'em all and safe home.
Cheque sent as the R IRISH very kindly let the QO HLDRS Regimental Association use their Sgts Mess in Fort George for THREE consecutive years despite exercises, ops etc. On one occasion the Rear Party ran it all - we has CSMs behind the bar and everything.

R IRISH - honorary good guys in Inverness. Word passed to the Jocks - get your bands now!

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