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Alright Chaps

I'm joining up soon - going AAC and then in the future I want to go for the photographer role, which I know is attached to the RLC but it doesn't matter what cap badge you are when you apply.

Was just wondering if anyone has done/doing this? Do they enjoy it? What does it involve exactly? Where will you be based? Is it part time to your main role?

I'm a photographer already but putting it aside while I go through trianing and join up etc.

Thanks in advance


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I did, about forty years ago, using a Vinten F95 70mm Aircraft recce camera, from a Sioux Helicopter, Aviation reconnaissance photography was a lot different from snapping in those days , but all out of date now,
Please do not put your hopes on becoming an Army photographer, there are only 35 in trade and selection is very difficult. First you need to be a Cpl before selection.
First of all you apply for some photography courses at RAF Cosford and from there you apply for selection, there are no guarantees you will pass and have to go back to your unit looking like a deserter.

It is there primary role and full time job and they are bloody good at it. You can be deployed anywhere in the world and at very short notice.

If you wanted to be a photographer in the forces you should have joined the RAF as they have about 160 phots and you can join straight from Civvie Street although there job is slightly different you can still do some fantastic jobs.

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