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Discussion in 'Officers' started by evilone, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. Why cant we be more like our US cousins. they have wrist bands and and those bows things and raise loads for the families who have soldiers out in the sand pitt!
    I have spoken to some of our Govt buddies who think it does not merrit any of their very important time.
    So why dont we as ARRSE users try and start it ourselves. I have spoken to a natiuonal paper who is keen to also tkae part.

    Answers on a post card please. It could be used to send decent shows or fun stuff for the guys to do and see to split there tours and make it semi human. If the Yanks can do it why cant we?

    Every car you saw has the ribbon on the back or in the window.
  2. Maybe we are better at coming up with the goods and don't need to shout about it all the time. Though support could be a little bit more forthcoming. Wouldn't count on a national newspaper providng quality support to the troops though, the next day they'll be stabbing them in the back. I believe you can get 'support the troops' wrist bands though. Not sure where though.
  3. you can buy those wrist bands on line (google), can't seem to find the 'offical' web site though - so don't know where the money would go. Also not sure if it is UK troops or US
  4. Actually it's done in the US without any shouting about it, unless visible wrist bands and ribbon stick-ons on autos are 'shouting'
    As far as I can tell, all of the 'support the troops' wrist bands are in support of US troops.
  5. The thing with America is that they don't need to wear wristbands or ribbons to support their troops. Don't believe me? Go anywhere in uniform and you get treated decently unlike in the UK. When was the last time you got in for free anywhere in the UK with a military ID card? I was in NYC a while ago for fleet week and wearing uniform I got free beer, free entry to Empire State Building, free travel on the subway, free entry to a Yankee's baseball game (we were forced to wear our uniforms ashore!). The yanks get the PX which sells all sorts of stuff very cheap. What do we get? Fcuking NAAFI rip-off prices. Oh, and newspapers who claim to 'Support Our Boys' but will turn on the forces quicker than a pitbull who's been shot in the boll0cks with an air rifle.
  6. Says it all really,do NAAFI still sell M&S 2nds at full prices? some support that is.
    Not running the idea down but its going to take more than a few wrist bands and ribbons to change many peoples/press views on the Armed Forces.
  7. I agree - there's far more discount (and support) available for Armed Forces in the US, though most of them actually extend to all Government employees. One of my favoutites are the areas in airports set aside for Armed Forces, where you can get free food and drink.

    The US do run official campaigns to bolster support for the Forces, providing logos and artwork for others to create shirts, mugs, caps etc, and a place for people to provide their contributions. Some corporations like McDonalds do too. Not sure I'd like that in the UK - we've maybe gone to far down the line of deliberately lowering our profile in the community.

    Still, there are a surprising amount of places that do offer forces discount in the UK, in addition to those listed in the Forces Discount Brochure. One I use a lot is the large discount at Moto service stations for food etc. Some cinemas, like Vue at Gunwharf in Portsmouth offer Services discount, as do Krispy Creme Doughnuts, Alton Towers, Chessington, Legoland, some Burger Kings and McDonalds etc. Just have the balls to ask!! I've got into places for free just by asking - even if it isn't corporate policy sometimes they'll allow you in on the student price, or on one occassion the guy was ex-forces himself and allowed us in for free saving £40+ on the entrance price. A whole group of us got into the Cavern in Liverpool for free on production of ID cards - in fact I've found Liverpool quite a good hunting ground for dicounts. A mate of mine up there said most shops there offer discount when asked.
  8. Apple give discounts for government employee's in the states!

    Oh and if you go to you can get free anti-virus software but you MUST (COUGH,COUGH) be a member of the DOD to be entitled to it.........................ahem
  9. I thought the "yellow ribbon campaign drummed up by the Sun. Wearing one blurs the discintion between supportign the British Armed Forces and supporting the policy towards Iraq.

    There are plenty for ways to show support for the British Armed Forces. The Royal Brtitish Legion's poppy is one of the best symbols of support for past and present British Forces.
  10. Supporting the forces should be a full-time thing, not just once a year!
  11. Yes, a soldier is for life, not just for Christmas :wink:
  12. Of course the armed forces should get the public's full support. But is anyone else just a little bit weary of all the coloured lapel ribbons and wristbands? There must be dozens by now, each representing... well that's just it; representing what? It's hard to tell. A standing order to the Army benevolent fund is more effective.

    I think that some of the time (note, some) the donor doesn't just want to help the forces, they also want to parade their worthy credentials.

    (By the way I'm not an oxygen thief, just a brand-new member whose donation hasn't turned into a medal thingy yet.)
  13. I would also mention the 2kg limit on packages to the 'sand pit'.

    If anyone wanted to send a package to 'support' troops out there, they have to make it less then 2kg! The systems and culture of public support for serving soldiers don't seem to exist and certainly arn't publicised!, so where there is the will there is little opportunity for the public to act on it.
  14. I recall being absurdly grateful when I received a box with a pair of socks and some choccy bars. I'm thinking I might send some stuff over myself.