Support Our Soldiers Xmas Parcel Appeal

Hello everyone, Karen from SOS here.

Please can I bring our Christmas Parcel Appeal to your members attention.

I know there's been a lot of publicity recently about parcels being sent to those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. But to assure you, we have been given permission to proceed with our Appeal by the MOD. Each of our parcels are correctly checked and packed so don't disrupt family parcels or essential supplies.

This is our sixth year of running the Appeal and we know, as no doubt many of you will too, just how much the parcels are appreciated. They represent the best wishes and goodwill of the British public and show the lads and lassies serving overseas that we're thinking about them.

If anyone would like to make a donation so that a parcel can be sent on their behalf, this can be done via our website

For every parcel that is sent this year, £1 will be donated to BLESMA so you can make a difference on a more permanent basis too.

We are a registered charity, our number 1120684. Full details about us can also be found on the website above.

Thank you for reading this, and I do hope that you'll consider joining us in bringing a little bit of festive cheer to members of our Armed Forces serving overseas this year.

Karen Webster
Support Our Soldiers
it seems strange that the MOD have endorsed this whilst sending out direction to the Chain of command that people shouldn't send christmas boxes....sends a bit of a mixed message...

...but well done for supporting the troops!
Whilst I understand this, we met with senior representatives from the MOD and BFPO in May of this year and were given absolute permission to proceed with our Appeal. This permission has been confirmed at various stages since then.

Our parcels are sent to named personnel, and we have agreed to place a limit on the number. We've worked extremely hard, and conformed to all official requests, to ensure that any disruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

We fully recognise however that over the past six years things have changed significantly. Back in 2003 very few parcels were being sent, there was a very real call for these. That was the reason for us starting our Appeal. Over the years we've seen a huge change in people's attitude towards our Armed Forces, for the better of course, and now there are many groups and indeed individuals packing parcels. That is why we fully understand the concerns that have been raised.

We will certainly be reviewing how we proceed in the future, and, in conjunction with the MOD Press Office have issued the following statement -

"The MOD has made it clear that every single box, each one a demonstration of the huge public generosity and support for our soldiers, will go overseas to a serving serviceman or woman. However, due to this fantastic support, the MOD has also had to reconsider how such mail is handled. The sheer volume of donations is causing difficulties with personal mail getting through and also impacting on the important supply chain. We will be meeting with the MOD in the near future to discuss ways in which we can continue to support our soldiers without creating such impacts."

But for this year, it's business as usual, and we'll be doing our very best to ensure the Appeal is a success.

Kind regards



Having been on tour over a Christmas period I can understand fully the MOD's stance on this - I have seen far too many soldiers disappointed by the lack of parcels from family and friends because the system has been overwhelmed by well meant, but ill thought out, parcels from anonymous donors that are full of gash.

What makes SOS different is that they are thinking about what soldiers want, and are addressing it to specific people.

Well done all.

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