Support our soldiers! Ask Starbucks UK if they do?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. I just received this item in an email from a friend. I'm posting it here to see if it elicits any response from Starbucks UK and if their policy is the same as Starbucks USA, why?

    *SNIP* Urban Myth. However, the thread stays both as a rebuttal in print , and because it's this week's "Current Affairs Light Humour" thread :D
  2. I'm posting a recent reply from my mate and I share his embarrassment in this. I will leave this posted and accept any kicks up the arrse that are due to me! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:


    I’m feeling rather embarrassed!

    To my serious discredit, before forwarding the circular about Starbucks to you earlier today (a) I failed to check Snopes; and (b) added – from memory – a personal note that Starbucks had been supporting anti-gun programmes for years, so never got my custom.

    In fact Snopes deals with the “troops support” matter at length – and the charge is not valid or fair:

    Finding that the troops bit is false has made me check for Starbucks on the NRA-ILA list of anti-gun companies – and they are not currently on it. Furthermore a senior contact in the NRA-ILA tells me that they have no current records of Starbucks supporting anti-gun organisations and campaigns.

    I suspect that my recollection of Starbucks supporting anti-gun policies was probably based on some support that they gave to the anti-gun “Million Misinformed Moms” organisation a few years ago. I don’t think that that justifies my circular.

    My apologies

    D B
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    Whilst you have the hair shirt on, can you trim your sig too?

  4. Yes, sir (touches forelock) - wait-out.
  5. Done!

    Bloody itchy! :D
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  7. Generally speaking, any email that ends with exhortations along the lines of "DON'T DELETE THIS!" and "FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!" will elicit the complete opposite reaction from me.
  8. It may be an urban myth but what about the FACT, and I'll say that again, FACT, that Starbucks is a part of Dr Evil's Evil empire, saw it on a film.

    Besides, what a stupid name ' I know, i'll name my coffee shop after a Battlestar Galactica character, that'll get the customers flowing in'.

    Plus they massively overcharge for their coffee, feckin' rip-off merchants :x

    God, I'm in a wierd mood this morning :p
  9. Well they can't be doin gthings too badly wrong. There is always a queue to get served wherever you go.
  10. I like Starbucks, coffees good, muffins and other fattening stuff is good, price is highish but then again everything is these days.

    Saying that though, in Northern Ireland there is a similar type of coffee shop called 'Grounds', it kicks the arrse out of Starbucks in every way, they do fantastic paninis as well.

    I've been sent this toss e-mail loads of times and always reply with the link to snopes.

    (edited twice due to biffy fingers and no coffee yet!)
  11. Always thought their coffeee was overpriced and overhyped - have you ever tried just asking for a plain, ordinary sized black coffee ?? You get a look of total incomprehension.
  12. Perhaps the name comes from the family name Starbuck? Fairly common name around Burton on Trent and amongst their descendants in Nantucket. I take it you've not read Moby Dick?