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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Gashtestdummie, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi there as co founder of Support Our Services, yes we are a new charity and yes we are now a registered charity with the charity commision, we are still waiting on the actual charity reg number to be issued. but you can contact the charities commision to clarify this and also if you go to our facebook page you can contact us in writing at the address given for any details you so wish.

    Stefano Proietti
    Co Founder
    Support Our Services
  2. Good stuff, spin off of your, Support the 7 Royal Marine Commandos arrested for murder in afghanistan?
    I could not see what the stated aims of your charity are? My mistake they are there under you "about" section.
  3. No dramas mate what so ever, being ex forces anything military is so close to my heart as I have done so much in the past to help out many a charities. Unfortunately we have to ex admin who sole aim is to try and destroy all the good we are trying to do, for us its not about the money hence why we do not go out there cap in hand. Its about being there for the guys and girls who all volunteer for Our Nation and deserve the very best.

    Many thanks
    Co founder
    Support Our Services
    Stefano Proietti

  4. My bold; I am being thick again, and do not understand this bit?
    My underlined; I'm always impressed by career ex forces Lads/Lasses that manage to run full time charities and manage thier own careers along side. But not the ones that create a charity to employ them, I'm sure your's is the former, but untill your accounts go public, we the "civi" public have no way to tell, other than your word, of course.

    I'm wary of new "knee-jerk" charities, could you not volunteer as a TRBL case worker and still go out and help the ex services people living on the street?
    "The Royal British Legion can provide support to serving and ex-Service people and their dependants who are suffering financially.
    We are also there for those who need urgent assistance to get through a temporary crisis, such as homelessness, or providing a loan for property repairs."
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Have you registered as a limited company for tax purposes - and if so, what's your company number?

  6. Just having a nose around, I still don't see why you cannot achieve your goals by becoming a decent TRBL (cut out the middle man) caseworker? Would that not free you up to do more leg work, without the hassle of running a company/charity? I'm sure you have reasons why that would not work, I just can't see them. maybe you could enlighten an old sceptic?
  7. Having telephoned the Charities Commission I was told Support Our Services is not registered with them so I telephoned HMRC and guess what not registered with them either. So I rang the Solicitor who acts for Support Our Sercives and she confirmed that they are not yet registered with either! So I then rang Action Fraud and suggest everyone else does the same
  8. Sorry to bring up " THAT " name again but this reeks of Tim Wade . The use of language , the self aggrandisement and trumpet blowing about how much he has always done for "Cherridee" and the name of the owner of the site , Proetti ? Tim uses Laznim Imenom amongs many other foreign sounding names . If I am wrong then hang me out to dry but I have a funny feeling about this one .
  9. A quick search of his name brings up a linkdin profile, a website selling military surplus and a phone number so I doubt it's Wade.
  10. This stinks and the guy Pav or Stef has been behind bars before for fraud. If you ring up the solicitor acting for this group they will tell you that they have not even registered as a charity yet. Another lie by this man. He is banning everyone who asks questions on his site SoS and after speaking to both Royals up on charge today they have never recieved a single penny towards legal costs or hardship funding. So where has the thousands of pounds gone. Straight into this guys pocket. The charities commission have never heard of him or his group and he is a fraud who has done time for this sort of thing before. Even the Walter Mitty sites have got hold of this. 5 sites this guy has set up for raising money for the forces and nobody has recieved a penny. Dirty thieving bastard
  11. Weediddyman, thanks for the info. His terminology for an ex squaddie just sounded all wrong. I hope gets what's coming to him.

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  12. Have you any proof he has done this before? Links to Court reports / newdpaper reports etc? Cant wait to see this ******** get whats coming to him.

    And if you think is language is wrong on here you should see it via PM
  13. Hello guys, I haven't been on here for so long its scary lol, but I had the link for this topic sent to me after an issue with purchasing goods from Stefano Proietti!

    As far as I am concerned he is a pure Conman, he targets veterans and those that support the armed forces!

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