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If those that are interested in getting changes made would please email the following MP with the phased idea below.

Link to full thread. There is alot of information in this thread and factual accounts by those that have been through the current system..... It's a disgrace what they have had to endure.

Thank you in advance for your help.



P.S 100 hits today on his mail box would be a great start.

Hitback said:
I sent the following to the Shadow Defence team of the LibDems and Conservative Party.

I am waiting for the reply from NICK HARVEY MP and DR ANDREW MURRISON MP. Baff also included in this email.

It would be very helpful to this campaign if those reading the forum were to email their own MP and ask them for support. Please feel free to use the phased area of the post below, if you wish to bast*rdise my covering letter then feel free.

Thank you for your support so far...



Dear Sir,

I asked my MP sometime ago if she could get an answer to the following question. However her attention has been on the media and how often she can get onto it. To that end I though the best option for getting an answer is to come direct to yourself.

I talk from experience when stating such issues, medically discharged myself after 23 years service.

My questions is about the present medical discharge system being used by the armed forces. Within the present climate of our foreign policy and the operational duties our armed forces personnel carryout, one would believe, if injured, they would be treated with compassion. How very wrong one would be for thinking that!

The details below have been placed on several websites, which forces personnel and veterans visit. The support for change has been very strong, more so with the RAF then Army and lastly the Navy. As you will see there are option in which to improve the process.

Thank you for your time Sir and I look forward to your response

Yours Sincerely


The current Medical Discharge system is works against the service leaver and hinders their rehabilitation in to civilian life.

On all three medical boards that are held to discuss and opt on the injured persons medical treatment and discharge, very little is discussed about the welfare, benefits, or percentage of disability the person has. I hope in this very informal paper to explain a simple method of improving the present system.

On a service persons final medical board it's important that a member of the Veterans Agency is present. All the medical documents on the person being discharged must be seen by the Veterans Agency at least four weeks before the final board.

Phase One
The medical discharge will be done as per the normal manner but for one crucial piece of information. The degree of disability to be offered to the service leaver will be told there and then. The Service Leaver can get this redressed later if they don't agree with the percentage being offered. They can also discuss the percentage being given with the Veterans Agency person present in phase two of the discharge. It's phase two that will be of great importance to the service leaver.

Phase Two
Once phase one is over the service leaver will meet the Veterans Agency person. It will be down to this person to explain the percentage of disability and the Benefits the service leaver is entitled to.

All paperwork for a war pension is completed before the final Medical Board, Remember the Veterans Agency has had the Medical Documents for four weeks and between them and the Military Doctors have come to their findings.

All the Benefit forms; Incapacity, Mobility, Carers Allowance, housing benefits etc. These are to be filled in at this point. An exemption certificate for prescriptions is issued, this will allow the person to get their medication without any cost to themselves.

Phase Three
The discharge date once confirmed requires to go directly to the Veterans Agency. This will allow them to get all the benefits started in time for the persons discharge date. All follow up medical appointments require to be in place with the Date, Time and location of treatment before the service leaver enters civilian street. This is essential for those suffering from Mental Health Issues (PTSD). Combat Stress should be made aware of the service leaver if they have PTSD.
The following was sent to the Shadow Defence team for the Conservatives back in 2007. As you can see by the reply, I wasn't told to make contact with my MP first.


This is his new reply to the same questions. I believe they are stalling until the next general election and then, once in power forget about their promises.

Thank you. It would be wrong of me to interfere as I'm not your MP. However, I am sure that if you asked your MP she would send your suggestions to the relevant minister for his consideration. He would be Kevan Jones MP who I shadow. In the meantime I'm gratfeul to you for bringing your suggestions to my attention.
Best wishes,

Andrew Murrison
My MP responded with the following:



Nadine Dorries
Member of Parliament for the Mid-Bedfordshire Constituency

Thank you for your recent e-mail which is acknowledged by this automated response and will receive attention as soon as possible.

E-mails are treated in the same manner and with the same level of importance as other communications, such as post, telephone and fax. With the large volume of correspondence the office receives, I intend to process a non-urgent case within 4 weeks. I apologise for any delays and will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

For individual help and support, in line with Parliamentary Protocol, Members of Parliament deal only with their own constituents. Please check I am your local MP by following this link.

Finally, please make sure your email includes:

• Full Name
• Postal Address
• Contact Telephone Number
• Any Relevant Reference Numbers

Please show your support and make contact with your MPs. Asking them to help voice the need for change to the present Medical Discharge system. :worship: :strong: :worship:
The following has just been received but the link is not working. Anyone know the correct link?



Thank you for your enquiry. For a reply from MOD, please re-submit your message via 'Ask a Minister' (, adding your full postal address.

Many thanks,

MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit
5th Floor, Zone A
Main Building
Whitehall, London
I got the following sent to me last night by a friend. All of this post is eye openning but there are several areas I will need to check on...



Well you know my feelings on the discharge process...

Simple really, I didn't want to leave and was forced to leave... spent nearly 3 years on the Y list with absolutely no idea what was going to happen to me or where my life would end up, these conditions of not knowing made my anxiety and depression worse, and in the long run I was diagnosed with a mental condition (cant remember the exact name of it)

I was discharged Nov 2006, and on a recent visit to New York with BLESMA i was speaking with a few service lads, who told me they now get told what there pension forcast is in full at time of injury, and can also decide if they can stay or go.

I was also invited to a Christmas Dinner at St James Palace and sat on General Sir Richard Dannatt's table and spoke with him in great detail of my frustrations. He seemed so nice and talked to me openly, he reformed the MD and said ANYONE injured after 2006 has the choice to stay in the Army period. He did say that we had been very badly treated but he was unaware like alot of people how the system actually worked.

I do think it has got sligtly better, but it could and should be perfect... moving back to civvie street is hard enough, having to do it disabled and worried about your future is 10 times harder !

I still haven't got a job, i doubt I ever will... it would have to be a pritty dam good employee ! I still only receive 40% War Pension for being in a wheelchair... and i find that extreamly hard to cope with, because I am certainly not 60% capable as i used to be !

I dont really know what to add to your thread, Its something that I have had to push behind me and try to forget, as much as im proud of my service, I hate the way I was treated in my time of need and would sometimes prefere to forget about my whole military past. (sad I know but thats how they made me feel)

Let me know if you want me to do anything
bump. Lets get some emails sent into this minister. please state if you have sent an email.



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