Support network of specialist contractors

I'll agree to once again repair the small arms on the condition I can keep my beard.
I thought it might be a special TA unit. I'd some comments on a linkedin (SC/DV Contractor) forum suggesting joining the TA to maintain security clearance... no mention of doing tours mind.
Is General Wall the latest yes man for the MOD ?

Imaginatively configured and properly resourced to meet future demands of this uncertain world ?
Translated : Some dreamer thinks we will get by with this shit .
rinnng rinnng, rinng rinng...
"hello, DHL, how can I help?"
"Ah, good morning my man, I have s shipment to send to Afghanistan, can you help?"
"Errrrmmmm, what is it you want to send?"
"Nothing much, a couple of hundred tonnes of food and ammo, 20 Foxhounds, 400 troops, medical supplies, spare parts, you know, the useual items!"
"Ah, ok, sure, we will have several hundred transit vans round to your place within the hour, no drivers though, they said you can poke it up ya hoop, they are civvies and ain't driving anywhere south of the Watford Gap!"
However. In reality they would get drivers and in a shorter time than the TA could do.

My warning time for a contract is around 3-4 weeks and I'm sat in some government office doing IT by the 4th week.

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