Support Joe Glenton: Sun 18 Apr 10..........................

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1., no, no, no-not me: but others are looking to march in support of the little hero.

    Have a look here

    Apparently, he's being roughly treated at the Motor Cycle Training Centre. So, as his Umin Rites are being abused, you are all cordially invited to join a protest at 1330 on Sun 18 Apr 10. The event will include a card signing session outside MCTC, Berechurch Rd, Colchester.

    Sorry, no online linky to the piece yet but it can be found in the Thur 15 Apr issue of The Daily Gazette (Colchester issue).

    If the weather is nice, I think I may just fire up the Suzuki and take a ride out.......................................
  2. Release him!! Release him now!!

    How can a human being be treated in such an inhuman way? God forbid. we're supposed to be a cilvilised nation. :x

    Frankly, I'm ashamed I'm not a staff member of MCTC. :oops:
  3. Of course he's got blankets. You can't bumper the floor with a duvet.

    Do they still have bumpers? :?
  4. Terrible.

    And I bet he's being denied his favourite brand of muesli.
  5. Or the ceiling :)
  6. Mmmm!

    Does anyone think he'd be denied Medical treatment in such a high profile case of an habitual whinger with a huge tree-hugging legal team? No, didn't think so.

    Also, how does he know his toe's broken he if's not had any medical treatment?
  7. Is that his favourite Tipple?

    And duvets in Colly? Rather difficult moulding and shaping it into a bed block I would imagine. 8O
  8. Why the fcuk is the MOD wasting its time with him? Get rid and don't give him any excuse for a compo claim. We really shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes. He should be fcuked off and a spokesman from the MOD should simply say that he has no place in the armed forces. Endex.
  9. Hold on a second. Whatever you think of this guy, he has been tried by a proper authority and sentenced to be in the MCTC. However, nothing in his sentence suggested that he should be bullied or treat with any less respect than any other prisoner. Any allegations he makes should be thoroughly investigated and anyone caught guilty of wrongdoing should be punished to the fullest extent. Otherwise, this will continue to tarnish the good reputation of the army.

    Alternately, we could just wrap the cnut in the dirty blankets and set fire to the snivelling little sh1t while he is in them.
  10. And I don't recall a certain REME VM having access to his legal team either after losing three days remission for the heinous crime of 'gobbing in the lines'.
  11. Bazz, is there any proof that he has been bullied at all, or is he simply moaning at the strict regime that takes place within MCTC for all its inmates?

    This man is obviously a cnut and will use any ploy to get out of his sentence, in the same way as he went awol at the time when he was deployed on active service. No sympathy whatsoever.

    If you cant do the time, dont do the crime.
  12. Thanks Bobthedog. I will mark that one down as a score to me.
  13. What and give him what he wants and lose that little bit of revenge?
    I don't have him down as some martyr, unless he's been promised some job or book deal once he's out?
  14. I assume he will be dismissed when he has finished his time. All for the good.

    His future is fairly screwed then if any future employment requires any form of Security clearance as time in MCTC and dismissal are automatic debars for most employments requiring clearance down to the basic disclosure record. in the case of dismissal it will take seven years to clear the RoO Act(1977) and the exceptions.

    Pretty well he is severely limited, in or out, as a result.
  15. Duvets,Blankets !! what the hell is going on ?

    The one and only time at the tender age of 18 that i went in the regimental nick , we didn't have time for getting into bed, a: it fck*d up the immaculate bed pack.
    b: during the day we were either on forced labour, usually gardening for the Q.M. or area cleaning, everything that did'nt move got a coat of paint, white for the use of.
    c: evenings were pleasantly spent in the panwash, before dressing for dinner in No2's for the entertainment of the Ord Orficer.

    I still have the remnants of my toothbrush "floor scrubbing " for the use of.

    The guy is a total waster agreed, but as said earlier, no one should be treated any differently, if a member of the staff is doing so then it is out of order.