"Support" for unemployed members of the reserve forces

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Does this mean that unemployed members of the TA won't get paid for attending Annual Camp? That doesn't sound much like "Support" to me!


    Support for unemployed members of the reserve forces - DWP

    25 June 2012 – Support for unemployed members of the reserve forces

    The Secretary of State announced today that outdated Jobseeker’s Allowance legislation will not stand in the way of unemployed people who want to serve their country in the reserve forces.

    Previously unemployed people who were members of the reserve forces had to stop their claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance to attend their annual two week training camp. As they are paid for this training their benefit payments would be stopped and they would need to make a new claim at the end of their training and wait while it was processed to receive their money.

    Under the new system reservists will receive a nominal payment of 10p in order to ensure their entitlement remains open.

    Jobs within the reserved forces provide excellent training and experiences that can translate to permanent employment. People can find out more about vacancies in the reservists through Jobcentres.

    During other periods of their claim members of the reserve forces are expected to meet the same jobseeking and availability conditions as other claimants.

    Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith said:

    "The reserve forces play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of our country. It is absurd that our system should make life harder for them to do their bit. That is why today I am removing the benefit bureaucracy reservists’ face to attend events such as their annual training.

    "The skills and experience an unemployed person can gain by being a member of the reserve forces will ultimately leave them in the best position to find permanent employment."
  2. It means that there won't be a delay between receiving their Jobseeker's Allowance and the arrival of their TA pay, thereby leaving soldiers out-of-pocket, so in that sense it is good news.
  3. Bloody Hell, gubment using some common sense for once.

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  4. But "Under the new system reservists will receive a nominal payment of 10p in order to ensure their entitlement remains open." sounds to me as if they will only receive this 10p, not their normal two weeks TA pay.
  5. That's how I read it as well CA, looks like ther'll be some panicing blokes about!
  6. Not at all. The nominal 10p will a continuation payment of Jobseekers Allowance in order to keep their account open and ensure that there is no delay in receiving their next payment of JSA post-camp. They will still receive their TA pay.
  7. That's how I read it...

    They receive TA pay as per normal, but there JSA drops to 10p. But they are NOT stopping and starting the benefit, just modifying the amount. I'd imagine NI payments etc continue through this also.
  8. I read it as the 10p payment is what they'll receive for the 'soldiering' they'll do during the two weeks.
  9. Of course if you had been able to join the Royal Military Police V, then you would know that production of Notebook, duly signed by Duty Sgt was suffice to say that you had worked on that day but not that day... although you received 15 days pay for working 3 on, 3 off with Reg MP... happy days.
  10. No, old system was claim JSA, stop JSA, Get TA Pay, re-submit claim for JSA on return from camp

    The issue was there is a delay between application for JSA and receiving benefit leaving guys with no revenue till it was processed, add in the obligatory army pay cock up and it could mean weeks without anything coming in.

    The new system simply keeps that original claim open as it is easier to raise and lower JSA then start/stop
  11. The Duke of Westminster did mention this over a week ago, his opinion on geography at university raised a wry smile.
  12. Well, if it's the JSA that they're referring to with the nominal 10p that would be sensible - but in that case the DWP need to grip whoever approved that press release. It is very badly written.
  13. Sorry, how much does JSA amount to for two weeks?

    I wait to be panned for this but, how many members of the TA are unemployed and all attend a two week camp (probably quite a high %age of them) that it's worth the admin overhead of even bothering?

    How's about, just letting them have the money anyway?
  14. Good news, hopefully this performance related pay will be implemented for all members of the TAs and not just these malingering, doley, workshy *****.
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  15. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I think the key thing is that it sets a cut and clear policy on the matter, rather than having local Job Centre bods (potentially) muddying the waters.

    In theory it should actually reduce admin time in the long run as you won't have guys opening and closing claims all the time. I know of guys that have had to close their JSA claims for a long weekend training rather than annual camp - so there's potentially alot of admin there that can now be done away with.
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